What has happened to NHT Xd and M6/T6?????

Looked at thier site and saw that they still have nice Evolution 4 $1500 but Class A M6 is nowhere to be seen nor is DEQX processed Xd.Anybody know what happened?Great reviews on both lines.I think the M was cheapest Stereophile Class A (for whatever that's worth right?).Anybody know???
I was wondering the same thing as I have NHT M6 x3 (L/C/R), U2 x2 (subs), L5 x4 (SR/SBR/SBL/SL), A1 amp x1, and an X1 crossover. Although I do not have any first hand knowledge, I read something a few weeks ago that seemed to imply that NHT may be going back to its roots and marketing products with a broader mass appeal. This might explain their move away from their relatively highly acclaimed audiophile products of which we speak and which would have a more niche appeal.
The Xd was discontinued. One company (I believe Listen Up)bought all of the Xd stock and is offering them on-line at about 1/2 original price - I want say $3200ish. When I wanted a sub/sat for use with my digital piano, I seriously considered the deal, but it was still overkill for my needs. A great value for the right buyer though.

I'm not so sure they sold so many of those active systems, personally. I could be way off the mark on that. I was scared away by the hot-rod combo of far out looking sub and race-car finish speakers, myself. Would have liked to see a less expensive active configuration option from them. As a consumer I can see people getting scared off by paying $8k, or whatever, for two small speakers and some subwoofer they don't know how to place, which may be a bit wild looking in terms of taste. But, maybe lots bought them. And although I think the sound of those was absolutely superb (Xd?), it looked to me like a hard sell, as a casual observer.
I personally liked the old line offerings from about 6 years back. I would have like to have seen them stay on these routes, perhaps offering active versions of most of their modular products like T6's, and their budget pieces, yes, like the 1.5's (I know, they had active for that), M5's, etc. But I'm affraid it likely all came down to marketing and distribution. Because cosmetically, the old stuff was very marketable, piano glossy, and easily integrated, I thought.
I think Def Tech and Paradigm marketed much much harder, and thus got better success, I believe.
I know, I'm getting far-a-field here.
I was surprised that given the "wows" gotten from the Xd's that more companies didn't jump on the DEQX bandwagon.Now we have the Emerald CS 2's with a Rane processor and it's supposed to blow doors on anything near it's 43500 price point (folks are modifying Rane too with good results I think from Cullen).But downside is you need 3 more like 4 ft behind them to wall so....But again surprised NHT ditched a "Class A" speaker so quick.