What Ever Happened to ST Optical?

Based on the hype several years ago, I opted for the AT&T "ST" optical connection between my CD transport and processor. I've generally been satisfied with it over the years, but damage to the cable (oops) is forcing me to do a replacement. Is ST optical still a viable choice, or is coax better? Seems to be far fewer suppliers of the ST thes days-- my previous was XLO and they don't list it on their website anymore.
I have always found AT&T ST to perform the best. There is not a lot of money to be made in selling glass cables. Glass was perfected years ago. If you can not find a cable. Call your local electronics supplier. Tell him what you want (multi or single mode fiber) with ST connectors. Request a hot fusion and the best polish that they can do. It will cost a lot less than you might expect.
Bama- I too have preferred ST optical with my digital equipment. You might give Precision A/V (in CA) a call about an ST cable if you have difficulty locating a source. Theirs' has performed perfectly now for several years, and the polish job was very good. Just a suggestion.
Good luck.
Like format wars, I think RCA and XLR have won the connector wars, while some other good ones have languished.
ST receiver and transmitter are pretty expensive, costing up to $25 each for the parts alone. So by the time it gets to consumers, it would have added a couple of hundreds. Coax and AES cost almost nothing. I still use ST in my system and I think it sounds better than coax and AES.
I have always preferred ST optical to other connections, but haven't always been able to use it because it is now rarely offered on DACs. Howard at Camelot Technologies recently told me that AT&T is no longer selling the receivers and transmitters for after market use.
Thanks for all the responses. I think I'll keep looking for a replacement ST cable instead of switching to coax. Any more suggestions or links on where to buy these cables? I'm still not having much luck finding it. Should I be looking in electronic parts catalogs instead of high end stores?
I think there is for sale in Audiogon. Search under Wadia. If you can't find it, try usedcable.com. I bought a couple of them at about $35 to 50 each.
Good luck.
Bama- I got mine from Precision A/V, Moorpark, CA. Not cheap, but I can't fault its performance.
Good luck.
A good telecommunications patch cord will work fine (about $20), www.milestek.com. A metal bayonet plug with 62.5u multi-mode cable.