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Theta Data Basic Transport Repair
I know this is an old thread, but hopefully this comment can help someone with similar isses. I had the dreaded drawer failure to open problem. Research way back when said that the gear and drive pulley were no longer available from Theta (or els... 
One other edition that hasn't yet been mentioned is the re-equalized version put forth by Pristine Audio. Their process seems interesting, but, as yet, I haven't heard it. More info at: 
Replacement for Squeezebox Touch?
Austinbob --- does the Sonos handle hi-res (24/96) FLAC files? How do you control it --- does it require a monitor screen to be placed in the listening area? 
Adding Tone Controls?
Almarg --- the transport is also equipped with and AES/EBU output, and seems to be driven along with the coax. I know since I was able to do some A/B testing between the Enkianthus and the Musical Fidelity DACs.Newbee --- moving the speakers is al... 
Adding Tone Controls?
Again, thanks for all the responses. In answer to a few of the comments, let me offer the following:.... Youthful, high acuity hearing does not appear to be the issue - I'm a proud member of the boomer generation. My hearing still tests well, but ... 
Adding Tone Controls?
I certainly appreciate all the comments, but I must not have communicated the issue properly, based on some of the responses. Room correction electronics such as the recommended Antimode Dual Core 2.0, power cords, interconnect cables, or power co... 
Adding Tone Controls?
Thanks for all the responses.I definitely agree that an equalizer of some sort is probably needed. I like the idea of being able to switch this tone modification out of the loop when playing decently recorded material. The two methods suggested (e... 
Maintenance for Tube Preamps
Thanks to all who responded - good advice! A bit of contact cleaning is probably a worthwhile thing to do. 
Audio Sensibility Statement Digital Cable
Any comments yet on this cable? I'm also in the market for a similar digital interconnect -- if this is as good as it was reviewed in "Enjoy the Music" it would be a great candidate. 
Favorite Ella Recordings
Been out of town for a few days - nice to see all the responses that have arrived! I bought the "Clap Hands Here Comes Charlie" album mentioned and it truly is a great one. Might try the duo with Joe Pass next. BTW, I know the Songbooks are highly... 
I can't comment on the Esoteric, but I'd offer that I've never heard redbook as "listenable" as through the Audiomeca. I have the Mephisto II and Enkianthus combination and have been totally satisfied with both units. I would stop short of saying ... 
What are you powering your Martin Logans with????
Currently using Pass X250 with CJ-16LS preamp and Audiomeca front end (Mephisto II and Enkianthus DAC). Wonderful sound on my Odysseys. 
bat or c-j
I agree about the CJ16LS2 - great unit. Smooth and non-fatiguing, without giving up detail and transparency. Seems well built, and the remote is a joy to hold -- feels like a quality piece. Love the tube glow without the tube guard in place! 
Review: AudioMeca Keops CD Player
My experience with Audiomeca is similar. I am using the Mephisto II Transport and the Enkianthus DAC and have found CD playback to finally be listenable. Over the course of the years I've upgraded many portions of my system (speakers, cables, amps... 
A search for great cables for electrostatics
Based on this series of posts, and a few other references, I bought the Goertz MI-2 bi-wires for my ML Odysseys. Seems like a great match. I was a bit worried by the capacitance of these cables, but they seem not to be an issue with my Pass X250 a...