What does + or - in speaker binding translate to?

I am puzzled about how to wire speaker cables from amplifier binders that simply have + or -. Some of speaker binders are color coded, black and red, but mine, being cardas of some sort are simple gold in color and have + and - codes on them. How am I supposed to wire my cables. This becomes an issue especially because I am supposed to use reverse polarity due to my preamp. So, + or - and how do they translate into color coding for speaker plugs.

Black is negative or - and red is positive or +. It is quite possible that something else in your system inverts polarity also, which would result in "normal" polarity at the speaker. I would hook the system up with "regular" polarity and listen for a while and then reverse the polarity and see if you hear a difference. Use the polarity that sounds best to you. Sean
Just make sure that you don't invert phase by wiring the two channels differently in terms of which output post on the amp is wired to which input post on the speaker. Make sure that both channels are the same in that regard. Otherwise, you will have a major bass deficiency.

With many cables the color coding will be different and it doesn't really matter whether they're black and red or white and red or some other combination entirely. The same is true for the symbols on the speakers and the amp. All that really matters is that you wire both channels the same way, as Swampwalker said, at least until you figure out if they sound best that way.
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Sometimes, even I have to come out with some sort of questions or have puzzles. I have always wired, in the given situation, just as one of the posters had done, and had not had bad results with it, but then, as of late, I want to be more secure, especially due to what my Preamp designer had said. So, there is goes with this thread.
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