Best binding posts for speakers and amplifiers.

I would like to change out the cheap binding posts on my speakers and amplifier. Any suggestions? I've tried Edison Price and WBT but don't like the fact that you have to hand tighten these vs. using a nut driver. The Cardas binding posts seem very nice but I would like to learn more about other quality brands that may be out there. Thanks everyone.
Stick with Cardas, they are the best.
Cardis 5 way all copper binding posts seem to be used by many hi-end amp manufacturers. Can't go wrong with these! Happy Tunes!
Cardas rhodium binding Posts .
If your looking for some thing else besides the ones mention above, which are very fine. I would look into the fine binding post from Tiff which is a subsidiary of Esotric.Email me for the #. If you have some mag's with Gallo advertizing look at the binding post they use, one in the same. I used them on some vender's 2Ci's with very nice results. And yes you can use a 9/16th ratchet on them if you like but don't over tighten!!!!!!!!!!!.
I've used all of the above and settled on the WBT topline 0730 crimp type.The Cardas are very nice but I think the ultra solid connection you get using the WBT sleeves is far superior to any soldered joint.I've installed these on my amp and speakers with great results.Also I find the best WBT's can be hand tightened very easily and you can't beat the machine quality of these beauties.
I am all the way with Mar00,the WBT 0730 are the best for a
top system.Type WBT and see offer for 0730.
Bocchino audio has the Monopoles.
Cardas. No question about it. Everyone's ears are different. No question about that either!!