Arcam Binding Posts

Has anyone found, in their travels, a suitable alternative to the stock abominations that arcam calls binding posts?? I have an A32 and after interrogating the speaker outputs on it there seems to be room for improvement.

Wonder if it would be worthwhile to have custom posts milled out of pure Cu or better yet Ag.

I am not looking at/for a soldering project since that would be a bit much but just something to drop in and "lock and load".

Let the debate begin....
You might check out the Vampire posts-they sell two sizes; my advice would be to stick to the smaller ones if they are a fit. A pair can be had for about $25. I recently changed out the posts (in about 15 minutes with no soldering) on my older Audiolab 8000A with good results. Nicer posts to work with, but better sound as well. I'm not familiar, though, with the posts on your Arcam.
I think theyre BFA posts that only accept bare wire or spades.
I've tried all the esoteric posts and keep returning to the Superior Electric posts that can be purchased from Allied Electronics.....These are the originals, not copies as everyone copied these....They don't look like much, but they beat up WBT, Edison Price, OFC Vampire and Cardas here...Get the ones with #10 posts. Available in singles or duals.....
My A32 accepts banana, bare wire, and with a close inspection perhaps even spade (I won't put money on it though). BFA has been mentioned throughout my search on the net. The stock posts have a half square half circle profile when inserting/mounting to the terminal plate.
Yoy can stick the bannana plug right through the center hole on your binding post's.I think the BFA post are pretty good.I too own Arcam.