What do you no longer have that you would enjoy a night to listen to again?

Not that anyone does not like their current setup, but most of us have used our best knowledge and experience to own some very good items.  As with many of those items, they were eventually replaced.  
What ones would be fun for you to have one more night of listening with?
My first thoughts that I would, likely, enjoy again are:
CJ ART peramp
Wireworld Gold Eclipse III
Magnepan MG-20
Martin Logan Sequel II
Original Classe CD player with the Ultra Analog chip
Wireworld Eclipse III speaker cables
Nordost SPM interconnects and cables
Several tuners, Magnum 108, Sansui 919, Etude...etc.
I know there are more, but to keep it short...

Because having worked in audio and music at one time, before going on 
to modern furniture,  I have had some good items...and sometimes made 
changes that were questionable in any sonic improvement.  

Much like a Lotus I owned that was replaced with better and more reliable 
cars...but boy do I remember the cornering of that Lotus....close to the 
formula cars I drove in. 

If you choose, it would be interesting to know what you no longer have 
that you would enjoy another evening to listen with. 

My Koetsu Black Gold Line. Until I get to the inner grooves.

if i regret selling something i just find a way to buy it back...
oldhvymec, nothing wrong with liking the Karmann Ghia.  Not to be a snob, but from Ferrari to Lotus to Porsche to race cars I have lived a good "car life"...but with that said, my original VW Rabbit was quite a break-through car and it must have been pretty good as I owned it longer than all but a 944S2. 

LOL Liking one and owning one is a different story, ALL the old VW type I - IV were all good. The issue was alway proper maintenance.

Same with Buffy the Belly dancer. Always a maintenance, issue.

I actually did a short stent in a Study/Rambler independent dealer. part of the old apprenticeship for a Masters, through Mitchell. That dealership, was one of the few that did VW, Saab repairs.. Crack me up. They use to call it Foreign or Domestic, car repair.. I don’t think there was a dealer for VW. Maybe SF, Berkley. Long time ago..

Rambler Scrambler..

Give me a brand new Roller (Rolls) I’ll be fine, chauffeur to if you don’t mind... :-)

I forgot another favorite, the Yamaha B-2 amplifier.