What connectors for DIY cable?

I want to vertically bi-amp my speakers to find out if I'll get any improvement that way and would like to find a way to at first try it with some cheaper wire.

My amps are Electrocompaniet AW220's and the speakers are B&W 703's.

I've got 50ft of the Home Depot 12 gauge extension cord here that has been discussed but have never made my own terminations. Went to Radioshack but the two guys that were there today were pretty lost on this.

Can any of you guys recommend any plugs/spades that are affordable and easy to install?

What would be the best way to connect? Solder or crimp?
Would like to get some connectors pretty quick, so if you can suggest any places that are found in most cities that would be great.

This surely isn't the best way to find out if I can improve the sound by bi-amping, but it's a low cost experiment and hopefully worth it.

Thanks for any input.
These Belkins are great for DIY. They use a set screw to attach, and will take a 12 gauge cable. Also, if you buy one of these sets, the Spade connectors unscrew from the ends and you can change them to these BFA Banana connector which is convenient if you bring in a different component that works better with one connector vs the other. They're reasonably priced and good quality - you can find them on ebay, or buy direct from Belkin, probably other retailers too.
I have ordered these with good results. Very nice connectors for the money. As far as I can tell they are identical to the Knukonceptz connectors. Also, they are simple to attach to cable.
They seller ships quickly but it still takes a week. Good luck.
Why not just go bare wire..? Works just as well and cost no money........
Bare wire is better. Anytime the signal has to make a transition between one surface and another something is lost. The only reason to terminate is convenience.
I used to manufacture power cords and found that solder degrades performance. I wound up using a very tight press fit, but screws are good as well.
Thanks guys, appreciate all the input within such a short time.

Guess the bare wire might just be the way to go, just have to look at my binding posts on the amps since I'm not sure if I can go bare wire there, but I'll find out when I get home today.

We have a ton of wire in all sorts of gauges here at work which I could use to try out and replace it with some better cable.

Thanks again
As usual you've been let down by the Shacks uneducated staff. Their advertising claim: "You've got questions, we've got answers" is seldom true as you found out. When shopping the shack you need to look at the catalog (do they still have one?) or the website first, find the part number and say "give me x amount of this stock number" to the shack "rep". Here is your part number: 278-311 a pack of color coded(black/red) spades for 10-12 gauge wire. $5.99 for an 8pk.

Here is a link to it on their site: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2103477
Yeah, tha shack truly seems to be tha shack. But in the end I found some connectors there that worked and the next task is to get that unruly 10 gauge wire somewhat straight and put those connectors on.

Should that work then I'll see if it's worth getting some better cables.
I prefer a spade over bare wire since wire can fray, oxidize, and become loose. Also the post can damage the wire due to sharp edges. FWIW