What are the best quality speakers for under $500?

Please leave suggestions of your favorite affordable speakers, thanks

PSB Alpha
In that price range, I would be looking for a nice pair of KEF 104ab's
Sound dynamics 300ti A great speaker for far less than 500.00. I have seen them for as low of 200.00 with stands included.
I strongly suggest looking at used speakers. Also, visit this website for some good advice:


I have a pair of Ohm Acoustics speakers. They are the only high quality speakers I have bought. I recommend looking for some used Ohms on eBay or, sometimes, here on Audiogon. The best thing about these speakers is that Ohm will give you a huge discount on new speakers if you trade in some old Ohms. Their website is www.ohmspeakers.com. I've heard great things about Axiom Audio too. Also check out Magnepans and Aperion Audio. Regardless, GO USED!!! You'll get the best bang for your buck this way.
Dahlquist DQ-20 and DQ-10.
a short list of used marvels...dahlquist 10,20....the large advent...spica 50,60....rogers studio 1....jbl 4312....there are tons more. all are different, and all but the spicas are great allrounders.
Spica 50s.
I heard the Silverline Minuets at NYC Stereo Show and they were very impressive to me and others in that room. They list for $600.
It is really going to depend on a lot of other factors what are going to be the best sub $500 speakers in your system and your room. The "best" speakers are likely to be very transparent and reveal the shortcommings of amps and other components.... something we don't want when we are on a budget. So depending on the components that you have, it will really depend. I did help a friend out with a modest receiver, and upgraded his speakers to Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 ($350) with very pleasing results.... brought his system to a new level without exposing the shortcomings of other components. I would also look at the Epos ELS3 and offerings from NHT, but these may be less forgiving than the Wharfedales.
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B&W 302s may be the best speaker ever manufactured for an original price of $299. I also like the Reynaud MKIIs, which sell used on Audiogon for around $500. These speakers are 90db efficient and musical.
I second the sound dynamics 300ti's.
Go used.

I third the Sound Dynamics 300ti'a.

My fave affordable speakers are a used pair of Nola Minis. THey are giant killers.

The great thing about both the above spealers is you never miss what isn't there, they're quite dynamic, they don't get congested and they are great all kinds of music, including large scale classical. They're resolving enough to let you into the recordings, but in no way etched or hard ot tipped up.

The Minis have a better mid range and more refined treble than the SDs, a bit more transparent and airy too. I love 'em but I could be happy with the 300ti's in a minute.

Used Epos M5s are nice speakers too.

I've had the Spica TC50s and 60s, great imaging and super on small ensembles and chamber music but not my choice for rock or large scale classical.
I am pretty sure that you can`t beat Polk Audio LSi15 for the prize. It is full range and will give you much better sound than many speakers in $2000-3000 prize range. Uses same ring radiator tweeter as $$$ Krell speakers. These usually cost more but you can find these in ebay at nearly $500.
I agree with the used suggestion, as well as the Dahlquists(though the DQ-10s take a lot of power to drive). I would add the DQ-9. Actually by Magnat, and an excellent, very musical, imager). Magnepan MMGs can also be had in that price range, though a little shy in low bass.