What are B W 802 Series 3 s worth?

I was dinking around one of the local pawn shops looking at cd's 2 days ago when I went into their equipment room to see what they had. I immeidately spotted a pair of 802's series 3 sitting in the corner. They are asking $1500 for them but I'm sure I could haggle with them to get the price down. They appear to be in excellent condition. What are your thoughts on these speakers?
I also remember reading something about a bass alignment filter for the 802's. Is this something that comes with them or is this an option? Is it worth the money? Would you recommend using stands and if so, which ones? Thanks for any info. Brent
I had a pair that I bought w/stands for $2400 2 years ago. If they are in great condition it is a steal. They might be worth a little less now because of the new Nautilus but not much. If your room is not to big-grab them, you'll love 'em!
That's a good price. The filter is/was an option(JUNK). Purchase the Krell/Anodyne/JPS filters instead.
Hey guys, thanks for your input. I went back today and did a little wheelin' and dealin' and stole them for $1300. The guy said they'd had them for close to a year so he was ready to unload them. They a few very minor little nicks on a couple of corners, but overall I'd rate them an 8. I think I got a hell of a deal! Happy listening. Brent
Brent, buy some Sound Anchor stands for these speakers. They definitely need stands and I found these to be the best for the B&W matrix series.
Hey Sc53, how much do those stands go for? I found their website but I didn't see any prices listed. Are they that much better than any other stand? Brent
Brent, Sound Anchor carries or will make stands custom-sized for various speakers, amps, and other components. If you call them and tell them you have 802's, they can give you a price. When I bought them for my 801's, they cost me about $400, but the base of the 801's is I think quite a bit bigger than the base of the 802's. I don't know if the Sound Anchors are better than everything else, but they have always been highly recommended for the B&W matrix series and I found them to tighten the bass on the 801's amazingly well. I also got a pair for my Matrix 805's, and they were great with those too. There are sometimes used ones for sale on audiogon and other sites. Good luck!
Sarah (sc53)
Remove the bottom plate to stop it from resonating to the music.