what 12 lps would you like to see reissued that will never see the light of day again?

To start, if you're familiar with Neko Case, her long time touring vocalist is Kelly Hogan. Kelly had a project called The Jody Grind. That would be the first one that comes to mind. There may be more forthcoming.
I remember the name. soul-funk ? 70's(?) band? collector band.
The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown

Saw him perform it in 1968

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No, you're WAY off.
One of my pet peeves is when anyone starts a thread that requires others to list things, yet the OP doesn't list anything at all.
The Insect Surfers,melodic punks out of DC circa 1982.
The Insect Surfers! They were part of the SoCal Surf scene in the 80’s and 90’s (and perhaps still are), and their leader David Arnson came to a lot of the shows The Hillbilly Souls Surfers did when I was a member of that instrumental trio. One night the two bands shared the stage at a venue, and Dan Valentie, who had played bass in THSS off and on before and after Pete Curry left to join Los Straitjackets, was playing in The Insect Surfers. It was quite a scene, and David was kind of it’s Iggy Pop.


"The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown"

+1 on that.

I would also like to see any of the Keef Hartley Band albums reissued, especially "Halfbreed"
@bdp24 Ha. Yeah that band played a ton of shows around DC and U of MD back then. All the punk and indie fans around there loved them and there was quite a scene with the DC 9:30 Club as the pinnacle room for those of us left of center musically. 
It's funny, but today's Austin scene has that same raucous vibe coming from tons of local bands that weren't even alive back then! Cheers,

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Beyond all doubt the Krips , LSO  Recording of the great symphony in c major .
Since this threads' title outways the OP's  competence, I'll give it another whirl.....

Natalie Merchant "Ophelia"
I can't think of any oop (out-of-print) LP's that I'm jonesin' for, but a lot of albums released in the 90's were done so only on CD. There are quite a few of them I would like to finally see on LP.

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