Well Tempered Amadeus

I am curious if anyone has heard this turntable/arm combo? The reviews I have read are practically over the top with praise using terms such as nearly perfect, can't be beat for the price etc... If anyone has heard it, how might it compare to say the Scoutmaster.

Hi Charlie and Tom_hankins,

I think that the turtable that Tom_hankins is referring to is the acrylic-plinthed version of the Amadeus, which is called the Amadeus GT. They are also planning to sell this plinth cut for the DV-507 tonearm. It will be sold with the Well Tempered arm as the Amadeus GT.

The standard Amadeus has a plinth of Baltic birch that is painted. Everything else is the same between the two at this point.

Tom_hankins, did you see the demonstration at Audio Alternative? It is my understanding that the Dynavector version of the Amadeus GT was demonstrated there.

Alan Jones is a good guy. People in the Atlanta area should be glad to have him there.

Dealer disclaimer.

Jim Pendleton
Osage Audio Products, LLC
They had both tables side by side. i have been dealing with Alan for several years. great Guy! great store! That was one of the nicest demos I've gone to. joe harley was there and Audio research. Plus live music. great time.
Hi Tom_hankins,

Mike Pranka mentioned that it went very nicely and that Alan and his staff had gone to a great deal of trouble to make it go that way.

We contributed some of the prizes that were give away during the event.

Happy listening.

Jim Pendleton
Osage Audio Products, LLC
Hi Jim, thanks for straigtening Tom out :).
Enjoying the table?
Not sure how i got straightened out??
Jim, is the GT version of the Armadeus going to have the better looking finish, and use the same plinth as the DV500? Will price be the same?