Well Tempered Labs owners do you use a platter mat

I am wondering how may owners or perhaps former owners of Well Tempered tables use the bare acrylic platter without a mat. I have not tried any of the new genertaion of TT mats on my old Classic. Ring Mat? None-Felt mat? I tried an AudioQuest and some others years ago and prefered the sound without. I like the convenience of the no mat set up as it is easy to clean the platter and not contaminate the B side of a record in contact with it. I just would like to find out what some others out there have liked or didn't like, as far as TT mats go, with these tables. I will say that mine is pre, black damped platter, and has the same platter as the Well Tempered Record Player. I realy don't want to spend the $500 on the damped platter as I listen to CD's most of the time now. If I was going to spend cash on the table it would go into a better cartridge instead. Any thoughts or other tweeks anyone else likes for WTL tables?
Call Karen @ Transparent Audio and ask her. I've owned all versions of the Well Tempered table (except Record Player)and currently use the Reference. Each version has been a significant improvement over the others. Never tried a damping mat though, and that could be a way to improve your performance. Karen would know.
Thanks Ts, Is it anything you have ever though about for your table. What started me thinking about it was seeing the None-Felt mat and seeing that some people use mats on acrylic platters on other table brands like the ClearAudio's and VPI's.
Maxgain...I've never thought it necessary on a WTT as the platters are very well designed. You might benefit with your platter, I don't know, but the black damped platter, I don't think so. If that were the case my guess is you'd see many more manufactures using them.
If you come across a black damped platter, it would be a very significant upgrade to your table. The platter's slightly dished surface really gets the record locked into the platter and the damping is a big plus. I don't know if there are improvements to be had with a mat on the basic acrylic platter, but I would suspect that a harder mat would be better than a felt-type mat. You could also call WT to ask- they have a couple of pretty knowledgable guys who could answer your questions.