Well Tempered Amadeus

I am curious if anyone has heard this turntable/arm combo? The reviews I have read are practically over the top with praise using terms such as nearly perfect, can't be beat for the price etc... If anyone has heard it, how might it compare to say the Scoutmaster.

The reviews are spot-on, can't make any claims of near-perfect :).
It makes the Scoutmaster sound artificial, veiled.
And compared to most tables so far, better, not just different like other product comparisons.
Highly innovative engineering to achieve great sound without a huge price tag.
After 35 yrs of hifi products, my fav so far.
Whats the deal,I can't find any reference to a US distributor. No mention of this table on Stanalog's Well Tempered website. Looks like Firebaugh is back out on his own, What now is the relation to the old Well Tempered products ala Stanalog? I want one!!
If I got this right, you are correct. Stanalog bought the rights for WellTempered from Transparent. The Amadeus is indeed a new launch by Mr. Firebaugh, now distributed by Toffco, and totally seperate from the old line. I believe that was included at the end of the review in the Absolute Sound.
and yes, you should get one!
I got to hear a demo about a week ago. Very good table/arm. Dealer carries both VPI and the well tempered so i will hopefully get to hear some side by side comparisons.
The killer table of the night was the Well tempered table made for Dynavector with the Dynavector arm and new XV-1T cartridge. WOW WOW WOW.
Also heard the new cartridge in the Amadeus also and it was great too. Special table at a special price.
Tom_hankins, did you get to compare the Amadeus with it's own dedicated arm, and then compare it to the Dynavector armed table?
The new cartridge is great, isn't it?
Too bad you couldn't have listened longer, I think the amadeus with its own arm would have won you over, better synergy, plus, it's cheaper, which isn't always a bad thing. The tables are identical in other regards.
Like others, I am very interested to hear FirebaughÂ’s latest design. From the reports I have read, it sounds like an excellent combination of performance and price. However, one thing about the table concerns me: the manufacturer is Opera-Consonance based in Beijing. So far, my experience with this company has been frustrating since they have ignored repeated inquiries about repairing a Droplet CD player. Since posting here, I have heard similar experiences from others and along with comments raising questions regarding quality control and design. It may be that the Amadeus is immune from these manufacturing and customer service areas of the company. I just wanted to raise this additional factor for your consideration.
Hello Compasmar,

I am a retailer for the new Well Tempered Lab products and thought that I might respond to your concerns about Opera.

Opera is only the contractor who is supplying the parts and labor for the Amadeus turntables. This is Bill Firebaugh's design, and his partner in New Zeland oversees the production of the parts and the finished product, independently of Opera's own quality assurance people.

This product line is completely supported by Well Tempered Lab, not Opera, and is supported in the States by TOFFCO, who is also the Dynavector distributor.

Well Tempered Lab also has a strong working relationship with Dynavector worldwide.

I don't expect there to be any quality or service issues with this product. All of the expendable and wearing parts are easily sourced from many places, and the unique parts are exceedingly long-wearing.

There is already a good inventory of wearing parts laid in with TOFFCO. Belts, for instance, are replaced free of charge for as long as you own the turntable. Just write or call and they are mailed to you.

In summary, no service issues that may occur with the Amadeus or any Well Tempered product will require any type of communication with Opera. All issues will be handled directly by Well Tempered Lab, and in the USA by TOFFCO.

Jim Pendleton
Osage Audio Products, LLC
I heard the Armadeus with its own arm. The Dynavector arm was on the Dynavector table (Dv500) which is made for Dynavector by Well tempered, and designed for the dynavector 507MKII. Both systems were great.
Tom, just remember, there's no difference in the tables except for the arm mount. You seem to keep inferring there's a special dynavector table. The only difference is the arm.
Thats what i said. the table is made for Dynavector by Well tempered, to fit the Dynavector arm. it also is alot better looking, it is built to a higher stantard as far as fit and finish. In any case. the table with the Dynavector arm was better than the well tempered arm/table, at a higher price of course.
Hi Charlie and Tom_hankins,

I think that the turtable that Tom_hankins is referring to is the acrylic-plinthed version of the Amadeus, which is called the Amadeus GT. They are also planning to sell this plinth cut for the DV-507 tonearm. It will be sold with the Well Tempered arm as the Amadeus GT.

The standard Amadeus has a plinth of Baltic birch that is painted. Everything else is the same between the two at this point.

Tom_hankins, did you see the demonstration at Audio Alternative? It is my understanding that the Dynavector version of the Amadeus GT was demonstrated there.

Alan Jones is a good guy. People in the Atlanta area should be glad to have him there.

Dealer disclaimer.

Jim Pendleton
Osage Audio Products, LLC
They had both tables side by side. i have been dealing with Alan for several years. great Guy! great store! That was one of the nicest demos I've gone to. joe harley was there and Audio research. Plus live music. great time.
Hi Tom_hankins,

Mike Pranka mentioned that it went very nicely and that Alan and his staff had gone to a great deal of trouble to make it go that way.

We contributed some of the prizes that were give away during the event.

Happy listening.

Jim Pendleton
Osage Audio Products, LLC
Hi Jim, thanks for straigtening Tom out :).
Enjoying the table?
Not sure how i got straightened out??
Jim, is the GT version of the Armadeus going to have the better looking finish, and use the same plinth as the DV500? Will price be the same?
One more question. What are the advantages (if any) to using the acrylic plinth on the DV500 and upcoming GT model over the Birch used on the Armadeus?
Hi Guys,

The GT version of the Amadeus has actually preceded the release of a Dynavector version. In fact, I just sold the sole example (I believe) in the USA of the GT on Sunday. But I believe that several of these have been sold around the world over the past year.

This is the model with the acrylic plinth and is the same as the Dynavector model that has been shown with just different tonearm fitments.

In other words, the standard Amadeus and GT would look exactly the same save for the different plinth material; painted Baltic birch versus black acrylic sheet.

This list price for the standard Amadeus is $2850 and the GT is $3650.

The Dynavector version of the GT is only a prototype at this point. There have been no plans announced to put it on the market that I know of.

I haven't heard both Amadeus turntables, nor have I heard the Dynavector version, but I may get the chance on Tuesday. I think it is likely that they will all sound a little different, but I think that what is 'better' would be a personal preference decision.

Charlie, have you heard any of the versions other than the standard Amadeus? And yes, I am enjoying it. It seems like a comparitive bargain in the turntable market.

Now, I'll throw a wrench in the whole thing with the description by telling everyone that it is reasonably likely that there will be some changes in all models when the next batch arrives here during the summer.

I won't go into a discussion about the possible changes that have been thrown around so far, but I will say that they may manifest themselves more in terms of looks than in performance. I won't say more because I've learned that you don't really know what you've got until they're here and the first box is opened. At that point I can give you an honest, accurate answer.

I hope that this information helps.

Jim Pendleton
Osage Audio Products, LLC
Hi Guys,

I do need to make one correction. The plinth of the Amadeus is not Baltic birch. It is Medite. They had intended early on to use Baltic birch, but the decision was made to change that before production began. Unfortunately the literature describing the turntable was not changed.

Sorry for contributing to the confusion.

Jim Pendleton
Osage Audio Products, LLC
Hi Jim!
I'm not confused, I'm just enjoying the table.
Oh, and nothing against the dynavector arm, I just want the whole Firebaugh experience as he designed it. I used to have the WT Classic and then the WT Ref. And now with the Amadeus, you hear the culmination of his ideas, and I just love it. It totally surpasses tables I've heard. And it doesn't matter the finish--the table itself, and the sound of the table, is the same.

There is no doubt that the WTL arm is much easier to use than the Dynavector is. The fact that Firebaugh has done such a good job of addressing resonance problems with the standard Amadeus has made it competitive in that respect with more expensive designs.

Jim Pendleton
Osage Audio Products, LLC
Maybe the DV 500 version is not on sale in the US yet, but Dynavector Japan is listing it as an available product:

Go with the synergy of the Amadeus. Firebaugh all the way!
I just set up my new Well Tempered Amadeus and the rave reviews would seem to be warranted for this pricepoint and perhaps above. As I am an a self professed vinyl newbie after saying goodbye to the shiny black format in the 80's. Starting a new collection of records starting now! LOL
I did have some issues getting the tonearm dialed in during setup that were due more to my excitement and inexperience than due to any problem with the instructions and even with my rather pedestrian Shelter(?) 201 cartridge the turntable is just lovely to listen to. If you can get past the whole golf ball thing and listen ..... very satisfying. I cannot wait to be able to mount a nicer cartridge that will hopefully bring this turntable to the next level.
Good for you! Congrats....It'll sound even better once it settles in....you're in for a real treat.
Lovin' this deck more and more. Wait until I can get some new records (used). The golf ball still confounds me but when I listen I am pleased.
How are others setting theirs up as far as tonearm setup. I have messed with damping both up and down have noticed improvement in bass with a little more of the golf ball submerged, thoughts? Advice? Cheers..
Jim, you need some larger photos on the website. Even on the order page where it says "click to enlarge" the enlarged photo is that same postage stamp-sized photo that shows nothing.
Hi Creativepart,

Thanks for the observation. If you've looked at the rest of our website, then you know that we like to have LARGE photos of everything. The WTL photos were the largest that we could get for now. Hopefully we can do better with the next batch of turntables that come in.

The click to enlarge thing in the online store doesn't make it much larger. We're limited there on size as well.

If you or anyone want any closer-up photos, please let me know and I will try to take some of the demo turntable that we have here.

Happy listening.

Jim Pendleton
Osage Audio Products, LLC
Go to the source, Monty...

At the WTL blog, found through the "Resources" page at welltemperedlab.net:


hope this helps....
Still loving the Amadeus and have gotten superlative customer service from Mike at Dynavector/Well Tempered. Product support along with a wonderful and quirky design has me smiling. Now time to save for a new cartridge and some more vinyl.
The deck offers all the adjustments that I needed for my setup. Admittedly I am not one of the tweaking VTA etc. types but who knows, perhaps
when I get more adventurous. For now it just seems great sounding, cannot go into review like prose, but this does seem to be a fun but well thought out version continuing the unconventional great sounding Well Tempered legacy. Try to find one and at least give it a listen. Four?
Hi Monty, glad you're enjoying...
I would say it's not really continuing the tradition, it's far surpassed it. I'm not a golfer, so I'm not inclined to say four...I'm more like BON APPETIT!
Has anyone heard the Well Tempered and the VPI Classic?
No, but compared to the $10k Aries, it soared....from what I've gathered on the classic, it's a scout in wood. Not a bad thing.
Besides Jim Pendleton, are there any other US dealers for the WTA?
Pitch Perfect Audio in S.F, Don Better Audio in Cleveland.
Hollywood Sound in Hollywood, Florida. An Audiogon member and a great guy (Larry).

I just traded in my ScoutMaster for an Amadeus GTA (from Jay at Audio Revelation, who has been super in supporting the decision and the setup).

So far, so good. I'm very happy with the new table, even though my VPI was pretty much maxed with SDS, periphery ring, etc. The WT has so much more life and sounds anything but sterile.
How do you find life without a cueing lift?
I have had my new Amadeus for about two weeks now. The tonearm is extremely light and damped and therefore quite simple to easily move and control for all functions. Because of those characteristics, it was an easy adjustment for me to make, going from a tonearm with a cueing lift mechanism to the Amadeus tonearm's spartan mechanics. And it is one hell of a turntable! YMMV, of course.
Ghunter said: The WT has so much more life and sounds anything but sterile. - Congrats on the new table. I have heard it twice, and it sounded very good indeed. I am curious about your anything but sterile comment. Was there someone earlier on in the thread who suggested it may sound sterile, or was the comment more in comparison to your VPI SM setup.
The sterile comment was in reference to my VPI setup. It was excellent sound, but the WT has so much more life to it. I'm also hearing small details that I never knew existed in my records, like echos on voices and guitars and resonance on acoustic instruments.

After adjusting the table a little bit, everything is locking in and I am going from "quite happy" to "absolutely ecstatic" with this change.
Thanks for your comments. It really seems to be a special product. I am thinking about either downgrading or simply getting rid of my digital setup in favor of a second TT. The Amadeus is certainly my main prospect. Hope this all helps the OP.
I have recently added a Herbie's 5mm Turntable Mat and Supersonic Stabilizer to my Amadeus GTA, and the differences are astounding.


A much quieter background and deep well-defined bass are the results, with no perceived negatives. The reviewer for the Absolute Sound was right when he said that isolation would help this table. I believe I've taken the sonics up a notch again with these simple isolation tools.
I wonder if the Yamamoto Hydraulic Arm Lift could be easily fitted to the Amadeus for those of us who may be a bit shakier than others.

Scroll to the bottom of the page:
Bob, are you a current owner or someone who is thinking about the WTA? Personally I've found the lightweight arm incredibly easy to lift and cue.
Hi Ghunter,

I'm kind of thinking about getting a WTA (and also kind of thinking I really shouldn't spend that much). My concern is that my hand just isn't steady enough to handle the arm safely. I've seen the video demonstration on the Amadeus blog and tried the same method on my current arm. Scraaaaatch! I'm not really THAT old and shaky (yet), but I ain't quite as steady as I used to be, either!
Hmm, I guess only you can be the judge of how shaky your hands would be but short of a neurological condition I can't see how the WTA wouldn't be easy to handle. Remember that the arm design on this table is very unique and it doesn't sound or handle like other tables on the market. I'm sure if I'd tried it this way on my VPI tables I would have had poor results as well.
Thanks for the info, Ghunter. Damn thing is that I was in a shop that had one. But at the time, I wasn't there to look at turntables, so I didn't try it. I don't think I even noticed that it didn't have a cueing lever. I like Firebaugh's maverick ways!

it easy to cue the the arm,don't worry,