Warner Imaging VTE-200s

I purchased one of these from a guy about 8 months ago. I was surprised at the clean smooth sound that is produces!

It is not without blemish though. The face plate has surface scratches and silk screening is faded a bit. The top plate could use a painting too. I am guessing I should leave the face plate alone. But is there someone that could do a professional job on the top plate, or should I do it myself? Is there a paint available in the local market the would suffice? I believe these paints are baked on? I am mostly looking to increase the resell value.


I am one of the designers of this amp. The paint was standard enamel and would flake off around the screws at times. Later models used better materials. I still use my VTE-300M mono blocks and found that a black sharpie works well enough to hide the flaw. Touch up paint could also be used.
The face plate is anodized and silk screened.

The sound for the money is unbeatable. Very warm sounding with plenty of power and detail.

Hi Dan,

I have a Warner Imaging VTE 300 M

It is in need of repair, and Emil Rotar and warner Imaging are nowhere to be found.
No one has a schematic for it and the info on the parts are rubbed off .
Since you were one of the designers of the amp, would you be able to repair it or do you know where Emil is?
Any info you can give me to help get these beautiful sounding amps to be repaired would be greatly appreciated.

You can email me at sbackfield@aol.com

Thanks and best regards,...Stew
I remember the Warner Imaging amps.
I heard them with the Thor tube preamp on Von Schweikert VR 4 speakers at the Stereophile show in 96 in NY.
This was a really good system i heard at the show.
Hi Tomanoid,

I have VTE 300 M,
Both amps are down, no one can fix them because no schematic and no lettering or numbering on parts. I need somebody to fix these great amps or I need to sell them for parts.
Can you help me out with any info or advice?

Hey Stewbee

Just commented on the ER300, but I own this amplifier also. "Just Audio" in Baltimore did a tune-up on mine about 18 months ago and all is well. Mine came direct from Emil as he was a dear friend whom I met while working for a Defense Contractor. After all these years my case on the VTE-200S is a little deformed under the transformer but works very well to this day. Emil loaned me this amp when I first met him and he said once you hear it forget everything you knew about audio. He definitely knew his stuff! As a habit I put my amplifier on a Variac after long periods of inactivity since I also own the ER300M 300 watt monos Emil made. I love them even more.

Stewbee, did Tomaniod ever email you?
He said he had the schematic and was one of the original design engineers that worked with Emil on the amps.