2002 Warner/Rhino-Original Black Sabbath 1970-1978

Not that I'm a huge Back Sabbath fan... but I gotta say this CD rocks out. I just bought this cd and I'm floored by the clarity, pace, and musicality of it. It's sound bettered the Yes remasters that I own. It was remastered by Dan Hersch & Bill Ingot. This is a double CD set that has a 23 page booklet that comes with it, which gives alot of history on the group. It's in a black/red lettered cardboard box titled -The Original Back Sabbath 1970-1978 Symptom of the Universe (R2-73772). What do you think? Has anyone listened to this CD?
Yeah, I have it. It sounds great. I'm thinking of picking up the "Black Box" 8 CD set, which has each of the individual albums from this period.
I bought black box.For some weird reason my ARC CD2 refuses to play all cds from the box.These are the only cds that i cannot play out my 10000+collection.I called Audio Research and they were buffled by it.I play them on my Pentagon CD 70 player.Remastering is great except a couple of things:
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath sounds worse than the previous mid90s edition and Paranoid sounds out of phase.The $7=99 cheapie sold at your local Tower sounds better.Also,what pissed me off,they put quotes and opinions about Black Sabbath by Green Day and Limp Biskit band members on the booklet.Kenny G and Pavarotti would have been more apropriate.