Warner Bros New Van Morrison Vinyl Reissues

Thinking about picking these up.
How do these compare to the original WB vinyl issues?
Thanks so much!
i believe there is a previous thread on this topic
Bianchi27; for that matter, there is nothing new under the sun. 9 times out of 10 the original release is better. i own many new then reissues, try to nolonger buy reissues, just a money stream for the record co, not always but 9 times out of 10.
Whatever happened to the the third batch of redbook reissues that were originally scheduled for the end of September? The first two batches were released on schedule Jan '08 and June '08.
I was interested in these as well.My interest was piqued by the involvement of Steve Hoffman.I read a biography of Van where "Astral Weeks" was discussed at length.Apparently many,many hours of tape exist.One song on the LP is extended by splicing a different song in the middle.I would personally buy these LPs if someting was different(added or alternate tracks).However I have Mint White Label copies of both these titles,which I think are fairly common.Certainly "Moondance" at any rate.
the new reissues are great..astral weeks in particular.
And the live album is quite good too...
Thanks so much as always Jaybo and thank you Kmulkey.
The new vinyl releases are superb - I wouldn't want to have to pick only one :-)
Just listened to the reissue of Astral Weeks. Wow! It's stunning.