VTL MB450 vs BAT75SE???

OK, I know I have been all over the place on my posts in the last few days but bear with me. I was thinking low power tube amp with high effeciency spaekers (ala Avantgarde/300B) and still havn't ruled that out.

However, if I do stick with my current Martin Logans I need to move on with my amplifier set-up. I really prefer to stay balanced and am thus limited in my choices. Has anyone compared the BAT with the VTL 450? On paper the VTL looks a lot more powerful; is this really the case? Would the BAT drive the Logans? How about reliablity? Basic sonic characteristics?

Because money is tight right now I am going to be buying used so I can't really listen to either of these amps before a purchase........... I really need some help on this one guy's.


I own the MB-450's and they drive my power hungry Aerial 10t's like they are light as a feather. They sound great,are very well built and problem free.
I have the Manley Reference 350's 383 watts/mono
They are made by VTL, and drive big Maggies.
With no problem, and they are driven by a BAT pre so---

I say if you have the scratch stay Logan and go VTL!!!

das loon
Never heard either amp, but BAT customer service is outstanding.
I've had the 150SEs and the VTL 450s. I would say with your MLs you better go for the extra power. You could probably get away with the 150SEs and MLs, but that would be a lot more than a set of 450s. The 450s are awesome, another amp to consider would be the Parasound JC-1s. I had both the 450s and the JC-1s here together and ultimately chose to keep the JC-1s. The JC-1s were a little more relaxed sounding and had superior bass, but they did miss a little of that tube magic that the 450s give you. The BAT amp sounds great too, also very detailed in the highs like the 450s, but maybe a little better down low. I had no trouble with the 450s or the JC1s, but I did have quite a bit of trouble with blowing fuses in the BAT amps.
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