VTL MB450 Monoblock Amps -Opinions

I'm looking for a tube amp with guts. I heard VTL is one I should consider. I'm just wondering what are the pro's and con's from present owners or former owners.
I liked em, they put out a ton of heat I mean a ton. I liked the Parasound JC-1s a little better though. The VTL may have been a little crisper sounding, but the JC-1s had better bass and dynamics. They have the tube magic, very spacious. If you are OK with big hot tube amps and want a lot of power these are good bang for the buck I think.
I do know they are now available in a new series 2
with autobiasing which the series 1 did not have. I
assume this to be good thing since they have so many
tubes. That being said, having to bias Tenors, C- J,
or my current Quicksilvers never to me was a hassle.
This may very well be a different story with these big
daughters of brunnhilde. I know there are members with
more first hand experience who can elaborate on this .
I heard they sounded real good on Vandy 5s at a recent show.May have been CES. I heard VTL A-B ed the 450
MK. 2 against their own S-400 stereo amp.
I will state up front that I was not an owner of these.
However, I was the friend of a fellow audiophile who did own them for a couple of years, and I got to hear them, a lot.

As far as tube amps go, this is about as good as it gets, until you get up to the VTL ref. 750s.
(My friend tried the following tube amps, (before he settled on the 450's): Kora Cosmos, BAT 150s, Manley Neoclassic 250s).

They image and soundstage great.
They have very good bass response, (for a tube amp).
They have a great mid-range and a very good treble response.
However, they are not overly tubey or euphonic.
Their one down side is that they run hot, Hot, HOT!
(That and the fact that you have to bias them and replace a fair amount of tubes when needed.)

Used they run around $4,500-$5,000, and for that money, it is well spent, IMHO.

However, that being said, if you can afford half again to double that much,($7,000-$10,000) you can get what both my friend, and ultimately myself, consider a better amp. The 220 wpc hybrid Lamm M2.2s (or their predecessor, the 200 wpc M2.1s), are better in pretty much all aspects. (After I heard my friends new M2.2s in his system, I went out and bought a used pair of M2.1s for my system.) They image and soundstage as well, if not better. They have slightly better treble response, and quite a bit better bass response. (Maybe not Krell bass, but it is deep, solid and tight, and it integrates well with the rest of the frequency response, which I am not sure the Krell's do - IMHO anyway.) And, even though they are rated at half the MB 450's power, if you are running less efficient speakers, (say 4 ohm or less) than they actually seem as powerful, or even slightly more, than the 450s.
The only cavaet is that they too run hot, Hot. (But not HOT! :-) )

My two cents worth.
Good Luck in your search.
Nice write up Kurt...I will say one thing about good amps and heat. Any one amp worth it's salt will put out immense amounts of heat.

I owned an Krell FPB 400cx and it got incredibly hot...But it sounded nice when it loosened up and was hot.

I don't know quite what it is, but I prefer a hot amp-means it working. ; )