VTI Racks Any good?

I am looking for a new rack for my gear and just loathe the idea of spending more than my amp costs for a rack. And, I am not convinced that spending big bucks on a rack is worth it, anyway. In looking for a more reasonable alternative, I often run across racks made by a company called VTI. Here are a couple as listed on the “big board” Does anyone have experience with this brand and know if are of decent quality? Thanks?


I just got one, very nice, using in office. Black with frosted glass
I like my VTI. I believe the points and weight help with isolation, especially for the money. In addition, I isolate each component. that makes more sense to me than expecting the rack to do it all and spending thousands on one. To each, his own!

I have the 404 in black with silver spikes. This is a very good rack for the $$$..Its very sturdy. As Tgrisham mentions, concider using isolation shelves also such as Neuance or Adona Corps. mdf/granite iso bases which I use.

Thanks Ken, and all. Appreciate the first-hand experience. Will look into one of these.
you might check out Atlantis racks which are great bang for the bucks (I personally have an adona rack-which is more money but a great rack)
4yanx, I bought the BL404, used it for a week and returned it. It's a POS. Not good at all. First time I experienced the rack screwing up the sound. It looks nice, but is cheaply made, very lightweight and you will need to spend more money on isolation devices because by itself, this rack sucks. So as I said I returned it.
Called cable company and bought a SolidSteel 5.4.
Night and day difference. No isolation devices needed. Sounds great.
Totally up to you to buy the VTI or not, but my advice would be not to buy it. Or at least if you feel the urge to try it, make sure you can send it back. I think I bought mine from racksandstands.com and they offered free return shipment for extra fee but it was reasonable.
Good luck.
The primary advantage of the VTI is the flexibility of stacking shelves in a variety of configurations. I like the principle of inverted metal cones in cups to diminish floor-borne vibrations. One problem is that it is light-weight. To solve this, I have weighted the shelves and components and placed dampening materials underneath them. The solidsteel seems like a better choice if you like the configuration. I still think that other materials are worth trying underneath components, depending on their type (electronics vs transports) and their weight.
I bought the 404 and some extra shelfs. Mounted on concrete/carpet with shot in the legs. I like it for the flexibility of the shelves. It is lite out of the box, but the lead fixed that.I used a maple slab on the top shelf for my Merrill deck. Scott tubes underneath , isolation is good. For $179 dollars and shot it is a great bargain and the money I saved on Billy Bags I put in the local indie to increase my music collection, after all that is what it is all about.
You might want to check the S B Designs ( steveblinndesigns.com ) racks. I got one about a month ago and was just blown away - stable, beautiful, effective and a great bang for the buck!