Solid Steel Racks?

Does anyone know of a dealer in US or Canada? I have found the italian website and would like to order some stands from them.
Go to http// They have a bunch of models available.
Try these folks:

We are very happy with the Solid Steel 5.5s we bought through them. audio racks as well as cd and lp storage racks, all solid steel.
I own Boltz steel racks and they are awesome so I second them!
The delivery times are pretty long on the Solidsteel racks, but they are awesome--look great, solid as can be. I love my H.6 and H.6 Partner...
Yes is an importer for 'Solid Steel'audio tables.I bought two from them.Service is good but it can take a while to get them in.
i am going to buy a Boltz media rack soon. i hear they rock...and expansion kits are cheap. I wish my POS rack would break a glass shelf so I can buy a new one, but until that happens, I'm stuck with it. I shouldn't be too negative about it, but the "Progressive Structure" stuff is expensive for the quality of construction...3 steal poles with slots cut out for the glass shelves to slide into. They do supply rubber "feet" to keep the glass off the steel, but $500 for that???? My own fault.