VS Vr4jr to Vr4sr mk 2 upgrade

I am strongly considering moving up from jr mk1 to sr mk2. To me the Von Schweikert speakers fit my tastes the best in their price range. I am looking to take my current sound and add more dynamics, and detail. I have an Art Audio Carissa, with two runs of Analysis Plus Solo Crystal speaker cable. Art Audio pre, Scoutmaster Signature, Grado Statement, Shunyata power conditioner and cords. Cardas ic's. I have not heard the two speakers side by side so I would like to hear from those who have experience.
Thank you Bob
I have the VRsr mkI. I listened to the jr's when I bought my speakers. I think some of the consideration would be the size of your room. I thought the jr's sounded very good with great imaging, but the dealer suggested the sr's based on my room size (12x22 with 10ft ceilings). FYI, Albert is now offering cables and interconnects. When I bought my Audio Space ref. 3 from him, I also bought new speaker cables. I have not heard your cables. I am very happy with my sr's. Good luck.

I made the upgrade from the Jr's to the Sr. MK2. The MK2 was a huge step up. It's one of the nicest speakers you will hear in that price range but......you'd better have a properly treated room to handle the bass. I will highly recommend the Sr's to anyone, but I would give a higher recommendation towards the SP Technology speakers. I now own the Timepiece 3.0's and couldn't be happier. You can read my review at the SP Tech Forum on the Audio Circle site.