VR4SR datalink

Fellow VR4SR owners, has anybody experimented with changing the datalink of VR4SR with any jumper cable and get improve sonic qualities from VR4SR? Would appreciate if you could share your experience with me. Happy Listening TQ
I found the bass was improved by running separate wires from the amp to each of the terminals and removing the data link. The top terminals (the tweeter/midrange) and the bottom set of terminals on the bass modules each receive wires of the same length. Research this site and AVS for many more opinions.
I found that biwiring as above with silver Speaker cable to woofer and copper to the top end worked best for me. Silver on both was too strident for me in my live room.
It's best to use shotgun style bi-wire, or two stereo pairs of speaker cables to make the SRs sing. The Data Link does not sound as clean vs. going bi-wire, and the Link should be used temporarily. I have never tried using a jumper in place of the Data Link, since you will have to look for a 30-36 inch length, you minus well by another pair of speaker cable and do it that way. At least that's what I did. As mentioned above, you can experiment with different brands/models of speaker cables to see which fits best on the top module or the bottom module, or you can keep the two the same type. Lot's of possibility to fine tune the sound. Just make sure you get a good size gauge and a good sounding cable, cause that's what the SRs will transmit, whatever it is fed....truly neutral/transparent speaker.

Good luck.