Buzzing sound from VR4Sr

I noticed that the VR4Sr exhibit an audible buzzing sound from my listening position abt 12ft fr the speaker. Currently, I m using conrad johnson Act 2, conrad premier 350 poweramp with transparent reference interconnect, speaker cable and power cord. Prior to using conrad premier 140 i dont hear such buzzing sound. Anybody has similar experience? Yr feedback is much appreciated. TQ. Happy Listening
Unhook the speakers, do they still buzz? That's what I thought, its not the speakers. The problem is further upstream, it sounds like it is probably a ground loop causing a 60hz hum. Try ground cheaters and see if by "floating" the ground you can get rid of the hum.
Possibly CATV is somewhere in the system (cable box or VCR)?
Unhook cable from system if so.
60 cycle humm coming from your cable TV. As a test try disconnecting you cable TV and see if that does the trick. If your cable is the culprit. Try a jenson transformer group loop isolator -worked for me.

I believe that you new amp has a 3rd prong at the IEC connector which draws addition current. Unfortunately, if your cable is not properly grounded, the 60cycle will make its way through your system and cause the a "buzz" sound in your speakers. I heard cheates plugs will do the trick but they are also considerd a fire hazzard.
Read the Reviews on the Prem 350 the hum is from the amp interacting with the DC on the line.

BTW great combo!*>)
The CJ350, a great amp, btw, is sensitive to grounding issues. When I owned one, I had to put a cheater plug on it which lifted the ground, and that eliminated all the hum or buzzing.
I also think the CJ 350 is causing your problem.
If using a cheater plug resolves the issue you may
look into a longer term solution by utilizing a power
cord with a removable ground pin. I believe PS Audio
makes such a cable. Hope this helps.
TQ for the feedback. Bignerd/Rudd the buzzing doesnt not come fr my cable or VCR. Will check the ground loop solution. TQ. Happy Listening
Hi guy. I totally forgotten abt this thread. I finally solved the problem with CJ help. What I did was to attach a 47ohm resistor to the safety ground terminal on the back of the chasis near the AC main socket. This isolate the CJ350 from the earth ground. Now is total silence
Happy listening
I have a faint hiss through my speakers when my amp is off. Could this be the CATV causing this?