VR4SR vs Opera Callas Divina

I m considering the purchase of an ebony VR4SR. It was highly recommended to me by an audioconsultant. I heard the demo of VR4SR. Its bass sounds good to me. Currently I m using an Opera Quinta. Like the look of Opera Callas Divina but didnt have the chance to audition it. Based on stereophile reviewer Sam Telig its seems good but certainly looks pretty. What do u think ? TQ
System consists of the follow
SET Integrated Amplifier Unison S8 ( considering upgrading it to Unison Performance ). Cables/power cord - Transparent reference. Exact power conditioner and Transparent Isolator XL
The ebony VR4SR is incredibly rare. There are only 6 pair in existence. I cannot speak for the Opera as I am not too familiar with them, but the VR4SR's are truly an amazing speaker.

I am a Von Schweikert dealer and am a huge believer in the company and their products.
what is it abt VR4sr that u like? is it worth it paying additional 2k for an ebony VR4sr? is there any sonic difference? TQ
What's the significance of the ebony VR4SR versus other cabinet finishes?
The speaker has unbelievable dynamics and frequency extension, both in the bass and the highs. The speaker is always natural sounding with excellent resolution and cohesiveness.

The Ebony was a limited production run of 6 pairs. Each pair was signed personally by Albert Von Schweikert and will not be produced again.

If you like the look, they are worth the extra money.
Just so I understand, the ebony VR4SR are worth the exra money because they're signed by Albert, not because there's anything different in their design or manufacture other than the ebony color, correct?
Tvad: Actually the ebony finish is a much more expensive wood. The signature is just a plus!
Ah. Thanks.
Tvad: I just re-read the thread and realized we might be talking about two different things. Von Schweikert offers Ebony and will continue to do so. The speaker I am talking about was a very limited production and extremely exotic Madagascar Ebony. This was a "signature edition" limited to six pairs.

My bad! :)
Thanks, Jonathan, that would explain it. I was having a hard time wrappping my head around the sonic benefits of darker stain. :)