von schweikert shipping boxes vr4sr

I have a pair of von schweikert vr4sr shipping boxes or crates if anyone needs them. Before I throw them away I wanted to see if anyone here on audiogon would like them or need them for themselves
Man if you ever sell those your gonna regret giving them up, atleast charge for them so in a couple years you wont regret it so much.
I agree with Chadnliz.
Keep them, you may think the speakers will never be sold, but never say never.
It will be a tremendous pain to ship them w/o original boxes.
Keep them. You will not find a better fit between the speaker and a shipping container the manufacturer gives you. Somebody out there, some day will buy those speakers IF you have the original cartons. Cramped for space? Do what I did: stain the wood crates to highlight the labeling and match you decor...put them somewhere as an end table, book shelf, plant shelf, yada yada. Call Martha for more ideas.
i'll fourth keeping them. i had to ship a pair of speakers and only had one original box. the manufacturer wanted WAY too much for a replacement box. i end up having to build one out of wadrobe boxes from u-haul and styrofoam sheets. i probably spent a good $40-$50 just in supplies and spent about an hour and half packing that single speaker. the other speaker packed away quickly and tightly in it's original shipping box.
I'll fifth keeping them - not that I'll ever sell my VR-7s, BUT you never know. The crates were quite large and we had to take them apart just to get the speakers out, so we kept the crates in pieces, trying to clearly number sides for later potential reassembly. I can't speak to the 4s, but the 7s they build the crate AROUND.

Its just good sense to keep the crates - I recently sold Legacy Whispers and I had kept the crates, which made it very easy to pack and ship them to the new buyer, who greatly appreciated that the Speakers arrived intact with no problems.

So far, that's 5 "for" and none "against". I think you have your answer.......
I already sold the speakers and the buyer didn't take the boxes and I contacted him and he never responded so they have to go.
oh well...that's completely different. i say list them here in an auction and see what they sell for if you really don't care.
Optarchie: Your scenario changes everything. Where do you reside? You might give it an (easy) go on Craig's List...just to reduce the hassle factor of having to ship.
I thought someone here on audigon would like them. They are free!!
I think I know someone who may want them, LMK if not gone yet.......thanks
Any time you can keep the boxes for most any gear, that is the way to go. To Mdrummer01, what an interesting idea, to make your wood boxes part of the decor when pressed for space. Now that is thinking outside the box.