VPI Super Platter - where is it?

Anyone know why the VPI Super Platter is no longer listed as an upgrade item under the Accessories section of VPI's web site?

i heard it was discontinued in lieu of the new aluminum platter that comes with the classic, scout 2, and (soon to be released) scoutmaster 2. email vpi to confirm/deny. they reply quickly.
It's discontinued. I just got the Classic, and it replaced an Aries with the original platter (later called the Super Platter) and I can tell you this table blows that one away.

Try the new platter, it's cheaper I believe.
Harry is up to his old tricks again. The aluminum platter will in no way blow away the Aries I platter or the platter in the high end VPI players. The Super Platter never did. Guy's, it is all about the physics of 'mass'. Under normal conditions, aluminum will 'ring'. Putting these aluminum platters in the bottom of the line was made necessary by the bottom line motor's inability to move 'mass'. Doubt you will see aluminum in his premium product anytime soon.
New aluminum platter is $800 according to revised price list, haven't tried it yet.
I understand that the aluminum platter will be offered for the Superscoutmaster as well
Buconero117, is HW now using different motors throughout the product line? Both 600RPM and 300RPM Hurst motors that I'm familiar with are comfortable with 40+ lbs. platters.
I have had the Aries I (original platter), the Scoutmaster with the acrylic platter (then the Super Platter) not in theory, or at someone else's house, or at a dealer, and the Classic (which I now own) blows them away. No contest. Maybe the "ringing" from the aluminum platter adds to the experience, but the rig sounds better. It's faster, more balanced, easier to set up, with much greater range. It's a great table.

$2500, thank you very much. I'm done with turntable testing for a long, long time.
The aluminum platters are here because the quality acrylic is gettig harder to find. This topic has been discussed here berfore.
Srwooten, I buy acrylic on a constant basis. The manufacturer makes custom size sheets for me. The price has gone up considerably over the past two years but I have no problem obtaining quality acrylic.
Are the people making comments about "finding quality acrylic" manufacturers or audiophiles?
The new platter is very heavy and therefore, cannot be made out of only aluminum. It is heavily damped internally. I am impressed by Macdadtexas' comment and his "proper" a/b. Nuff said!
The only problem I have with the Classic is that it contradicts all the things VPI has been saying is important, such as having the motor mounted separately from the table or rim drive. It appears to have a good deal more in common with the HW 19 than more recent tables. I do not doubt that it sounds "different" from the Aries. I disposed of my early TNT just before getting my Aries 2 but they sounded quite different. The question I have is there an evolutionary path that they have been following or are they on an entirely new path. If the Classic "blows away" the Aries it presumably does that to the TNT also, so why offer a $12000 table if the $2500 one is better. As a VPI dealer these questions are of considerable importance to me. I love Harry but so far he has not made it clear what they themselves intend the internal hierarchy of their tables to be.
It was either HW or Mike at VPI, when I was considering upgrading my VPI tonearm late last year, or early this year.
I am very interested in the new aluminum platter. Mike at VPI said it is an upgrade and not a tweak. I want one for my Scout, but I'll have to wait.

I think the introduction of the Classic is a by product of the economy, and Harry wants his market share (as all mfg do). Not too many buying $12,000 TT these days. Just my thoughts.