VPI Scoutmaster vs. Clearaudio Performance

Will likely be paired with Graham Slee Era Gold V phono. Any thoughts?

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Thanks for the replies. I am not sure which cartridge I would want. I know that I do not want it to be too expensive as I will already be a bit stretched.

They are both nice looking tables but I really am more concerned with the sound. Unfortunately I have no place where I can audition them locally. Maybe Clearaudio, but I am not sure. About the Graham phono... I don't have it yet but I plan on it being around for awhile.

My system is a little different than what one normally sees on here. I use Stax SR-404 electrostatic headphones which are transparent, detailed and demand a good source. Without an amp at the moment (last one had a grounding problem) but will be purchasing one soon.

This will be my first real turntable. Wanting the best SQ I can get for under $2000 used.