VPI Scoutmaster vs. Clearaudio Performance

Will likely be paired with Graham Slee Era Gold V phono. Any thoughts?
I was going to buy the Scoutmaster and went with the Clearaudio Performance instead. Why you may ask? Purely aesthetics, but I do love the way mine sounds with a Blackbird cartridge and a Gingko Cloud 10 isolatoin platform.
I have a Scoutmaster, and think it's a great table. I would say the Scoutmaster and the Clearaudio performance are in the same league. I could be happy with either one. I do, however, like the fact that VPI is here in the states. And they provide great support for their products, as well as upgrade paths. My Scoutmaster is gradually being upgraded to the Reference Super Scoutmaster signature. I don't have the heavy platter or the JMW-10 tonearm, yet.
I would agree to some extent with Macdadtexas. Unless you can audition both in your home, it's hard to know which one you'll prefer. Even if a dealer had both tables, you would likely be hearing them through different electronics and speakers, which makes it tough to identify the tables' own sound. So, knowing that both are excellent tables, pick the one that looks like it should be in your home.

Or you can rely on the professional reviews. That can be a good thing, especially if you've liked other components that were recommended by a particular reviewer.

Good luck.
An addendum... You mentioned that you've got the Graham Slee Era Gold V phono stage, which I've heard is very nice. I've never really heard anybody say that certain phono stages like to be mated with certain tables. But phono stages definitely like certain cartridges more than others, and certain cartridges work better with certain tonearms. So, if you have a certain cartridge in mind, that could help you decide which way to go. That all assumes, however, that your Graham Slee is going to be your phono stage for the long term. Otherwise, it's like going out to buy a house, and picking one over another because your couch would look better there.

Thanks for the replies. I am not sure which cartridge I would want. I know that I do not want it to be too expensive as I will already be a bit stretched.

They are both nice looking tables but I really am more concerned with the sound. Unfortunately I have no place where I can audition them locally. Maybe Clearaudio, but I am not sure. About the Graham phono... I don't have it yet but I plan on it being around for awhile.

My system is a little different than what one normally sees on here. I use Stax SR-404 electrostatic headphones which are transparent, detailed and demand a good source. Without an amp at the moment (last one had a grounding problem) but will be purchasing one soon.

This will be my first real turntable. Wanting the best SQ I can get for under $2000 used.