Virtual Dynamics Power Three?

Need three power cables: CDP, preamp and power amp. Would like them to be all from the same brand.

My system:

Meridian 508.24
Supratek Chardonnay (near future)
Plinius SA-102
Sonus Faber Cremona
Bogdan cables (near future).

It is not a cheap system but, and the same goes for ICs and speaker cables (both Bogdan), I not planning to spend a lot with power cables.

Question: is there anything better than the Virtual Dynamics Power Three for less than US$100 a piece? Are these really good?

I found these to do wonders in the Bass department!!!-Soundstage and imageing seemed to be much better also- The downfall is these things are extremely thick,heavy and hard to bend behind a rack-I had to tie them to the rack so they would not pull out of the IC connection- Have fun!
Tremendous improvements over stock cable in transparency, noise floor, dynamic contrast, midrange body and detail when the Power 3 is used on my Mark Levinson 331 power amp. One of the best upgrade values I encountered.

Order direct from Virtual Dynamics before September 1st to get them at the sale price. Virt Dyn will sell most products through dealers starting September 1st at full retail price.

Only drawbacks are the heavy weight and limited flexibility of the Power 3, which makes it difficult to use with light components such as CD player or preamp if the Power 3 is not supported appropriately.
I agree with the two posts above, however I would like to add that the cryo'd cables from the following website: might cost a little more, maybe not, (unless you DIY) but are easy to use and sound better on my tube and SS systems.
The Virtual Dynamics Power 3s are excellent for the price. I replaced Absolute Power Cords with them and noticed a huge improvement in soundstaging, and perceived volume. Everything just seemed to open up.
Yup, like others said, the VDP3 is a big step up from stock and other aftermarket cords under $100. I used it for about a year, however, I wouldn't use it again because of how stiff it is. These things practically lift my components off its shelf.

Do let it burn in for a week.
Excellent PC's. I upgraded to the complete Audition cable package and have absolutely no regrets. Money well spent. Good folks to deal with.
Chris VenHaus`s Flavor 4 cryoed PC`s have my vote also for amps. Excellent quality with real good flexability with a noticable sonic improvement over the stock cord. I would also highly recommend Chris`s flavor 2 PC, preferably cryoed for digital processors, a huge step up from stock cords also. Best bang for the buck going, just my opinion of course. (-; Regards, Robin