Why no Virtual System pics??

I’m surprised that not more people have pictures off their set-ups... there are very few contributors, some regular contributors, some long time members, with zero pictures of their systems..
Why do you think that is?  Are they worried that someone is going to steal their stereo because they see pictures of it?  Or are people ashamed of their systems?  
I don’t get it.  It’s much easier to understand where someone is coming from when you see their setup!

post some pictures people!!!  Sheesh

It’s like showing up to the basket ball court with no ball.  Going to the ski slopes, sittin in the lodge, talking about how awesome the powder is with no ski’s.  
Dunno about others, but for me it took someone bugging me. After a year or so a few people were like yeah so where’s your system? Which I had to admit they had a point. So after a lot of dusting and cleaning and relocating at least some of the accumulated clutter I was able to pile enough of the remaining junk into a corner out of camera view and take some pictures. https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/8367

In the end I wished I’d done it sooner because it really helps not only others but myself. Normally I just go in there and put a record on and turn the lights out and listen. Its not like I spend a lot of time thinking how things look, studying all this stuff. But having taken pictures I find myself seeing things from a whole new perspective.

Ultimately of course we are audiophiles. You know what that means. That’s right. They complained when I had no images. Now they complain that I do. Audiophiles.

About the only thing they don’t complain about is the one with 22k posts and no system. None. That they are fine with. Go figure.

Post your pics people. Like they say on Rennlist, without pictures it didn't happen.
What's with the collection of tube boxes? I mean I keep spares too, but....!

jaytor181 posts
05-29-2020 6:36pm
OK. You inspired me to add some photos and explanations.


Geez, nice system.. So did you do the paint too. GR sure has some nice stuff. I have a pair of trip kits, but I went with dual cabinets, I built toppers that can stack also. I had Queen An legs built for my old TT they match the GRs Bass boxes and MB Columns (stacked toppers). 

I gotta post progress pics, if nothing else, 30-45 days, I'll be real close.
30 minutes a day is all my hands can take..

Beautiful system.. very clean, I just wish.. LOL



OP, I couldn't agree more actually, unless they have easy no-cash and carry stuff. 👍

Maybe all class-D pocket size jewels? 

Michélle 🇿🇦 
@oldhvymec - I bought MDF flatpacks for the speakers from GR and did the assembly and finishing (including paint) myself.
Why no Virtual System pics??
Why do you think that is? ... are people ashamed of their systems?
I don’t get it ... post some pictures people!!! ... It’s like showing up to the basket ball court with no ball. Going to the ski slopes, sittin in the lodge, talking about how awesome the powder is with no ski’s.
I do post some photos of my system, but I do it on the "Friendly Forum for High-End Audio." That’s a place where people actually go to talk about audio and music.

By comparison, Audiogon is a cesspool. Right now there is a thread that contains posts promoting white privilege, slavery and bestiality. And then there are the users who come only to argue, demand scientific testing from others, insist we’re deluded, and on and on and on. And let's not forget the right-wing conspiracy whackos and the links they share to promote their brand of hate and intolerance.

Audiogon reached a new low this week with a post extolling the joys of gay anal sex in a doctor’s office. If you wonder why user Noble100 hasn’t posted here since May 26, now you know. I’m sure he’ll return after his "time-out." In the interim we’ll just have to settle for the renderings of the forum’s other deviants.

None of this is to suggest that Audiogon is worthless. But no, I’m not going to post photos here.
i’ve had pictures of my room on Audiogon since 2004 when i built my room.


it’s the most visited Audiogon private (non dealer) room by far. but relatively little activity in recent years. even though i’ve tried to keep my room thread up to date; that’s just not the focus of the forum anymore.

for years i had many audiogon members comment on that room thread almost daily. and there were other rooms that also had lots of activity. so system descriptions and feedback was a big part of audiogon. but then the forum changed, the focus of forum ownership changed, and many long time audiogon’ers moved on to other forums with more serious high end focus.

i use to post about lots of system and room changes and ideas on my Audiogon system thread, but as there was little or no feedback on those comments, now those posts are done on different forums and get lots of activity and that’s where i hang mostly.

now audiogon is a different animal. you have to dig to find content with substance. lot’s of agenda’s, and the audiogon community has generally moved down market. which is not anything bad, just less relevant for higher end gear talk. maybe one out of 10 threads i even bother to look at.

and system picture pages don’t get much attention. logically people just don’t bother with things that are not ’happening’.
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@jaytor , omg dude, you should have posted those pics long ago! Absolutely steller set-up👍
@mikelavigne , I’ve seen your virtual systems many times and love it!  One of my favorites!

@tvad , just remove the whips and chains you have mounted on the walls then you’re good to go!  
In my mind, it does discredit you to some degree.  What happens if you come here giving advice because you’ve read all kinds of articles on line and you are sitting there listening to a bose wave radio or a casio tape deck on valve springs?  Helllooooo, lol

Honestly, I don't think my systems look all that great.  They are all in compromised listening spaces, but I enjoy how they sound.  That, and I'm a photographer, so I would be really anal about it, and when I look at the time it would take to take photos, process them to my standard, and list everything in all four systems... there are other things I'd rather be doing.

I do appreciate guys like @mikelavigne who has an amazing system taking the time to document what they have done.  
@dekay , lol, you’re only half way there buddy!  You really should fill the holes in the brick with lead too.  
If having no system photos de-legitimizes forum contributions in the view of some readers, then those readers are missing out (and being rather shallow).

i don't see that being the case. well founded ideas stand on their own. 

OTOH if you have really strong or 'out there' statements or claims then readers will want to understand where you are coming from. and a system page can help with that. but it's not that important. time on the site and posting history has equal or more weight to a system page with pictures in my mind. there is a degree of earning your credibility involved.

signal to noise ratio if you will.
@millercarbon those tube boxes contain tubes, those are all my various backups plus tubes from past gear I'm not using.
@mikelavigne Agreed system page traffic is not what it once was, I think the problem there is Audiogon separated Virtual Systems and the Forums to some extent. I used to see updates on systems in the forum that would lead me to systems. And yes the forums have devolved a bit but there are still pockets of enlightenment.

One of the very few positives of the Covid pandemic is folks being home and spending time taking pics and posting systems. I find myself checking in a lot more lately and leaving comments, it's always nice to get some comments if you're taking the time to show your system.
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All one has to do is go back through 17 years of posts and judge for themselves.
completely agree. long time posters like you are well known and respected. and it's easy to look at posting history and see what goes with a poster. 

system pics matter; but actual posting content matters much more. 
Three of My n systems can be Found here on Audiogon... hard to keep the “ vintage “ system up to date, but I try....

When live performances come back, I will post up the mobile recording rack setup in a venue...
@tvad I agree, iF great photos were everything, fast food cheeseburgers would rule the world !!!!
@b_limo - Thanks for the compliments. 

@mikelavigne - damn impressive system! If it sounds anywhere near as nice as it looks, it must be stunning.
In general,  from a security perspective, it is not a good idea to publish personal information on the internet. 
I would want to come off as a braggart or of being boastful.
assuming you meant to insert a ’not’ in there. :-)

but honestly this is a hobbyist site. and while i agree posting a picture of expensive gear with price tags plunked down in a room without thought might be too much of that; it’s the effort and passion of the hobby that we are dealing with. and levels of commitment and creative thinking. and sharing our journey’s. it’s a community and celebrating each other’s fun stuff is an aspect of it. and learning from others can be very helpful.

but each to their own personal sense of lines to be crossed. not one right way.

what's the difference between owning and driving a Porsche or Ferrari, or an expensive Boat, or watch, or drinking an expensive wine or scotch......from showing pics of your room and gear? nothing.
I have pictures up of my systems and try to update details as I remember but i know my system looks like crap but i really do not care too much what others think.
When you are sitting in my listening chair then you understand that the sum of the parts sometimes does equal more.
Mike, You are correct, and I edited adding the "not" in before your post materialized.  I was only joking, although I am very satisfied with my system. (although not set up for a couple of years, until I move to larger quarters, uuuugh)!!! Make-shift system for now.
I actually had hoped to post my system all along, I moved temporarily, which lasted longer than planned. Since, I have acquired a Marchand crossover, along with my LARGE speakers to add.... I agree, a system page open's dialogue and sharing of ideas, etc. which is what this forum and community is all about. 
after a lot of dusting and cleaning and relocating at least some of the accumulated clutter I was able to pile enough of the remaining junk into a corner out of camera view and take some pictures

Same issue here, but it's going to take some time to make my room presentable. 
Coming soon.

@mikelavigne ,
We love your system. It's true there's less traffic on the system page. And there are no more alerts when a comment is posted to a member's system. I have been posting comments but the member doesn't know it's there.

@uberwaltz, I like your systems! I just took a look and they are really cool. You can tell a lot about a person with a few pictures.  It’s awesome that you set your daughter up with some tunes and a record player as well!  Thanks for sharing 😀

@tvad , I agree with what you said. It’s easier though to remember people when you have some type of visual to pair with them.  But yes, 17 years of useful posts is probably better than a picture
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How do I post pictures?  What button(s) do I push?  Sorry to report, but this website is just plain difficult for an analogue guy like me to navigate.
Looking at system photos was everything to me when I joined "The ’Gon" 19 years ago. It was an incredible inspiration for me to explore the possibilities in creating a system. I wrote to a ton of guys here about their posted systems with questions about EVERYTHING. And to a man, they were very responsive, patient and helpful in getting me up and running. It didn’t happen overnight, but they got me there. No, I didn’t take everyone’s advice, but there was enough advice out there for me to pick and choose what was going to work for me....and what I could afford.

Please post pictures of your system, no matter how basic or exotic it may be. Audiophiles come in all economic categories and there needs to be lots of system photos for all of them to see.

Posting photos of your system is a huge contribution to the Audiogon site and an incalculable aid to all audiophiles from beginners to seasoned veterans. With the current ease of smartphone technology, there really is no reason not to contribute by posting your system.


Reading first few posts, it seemed like a decent idea. Then came mikelavigne's link and..."How do you post anything after seeing this?"
Reading first few posts, it seemed like a decent idea. Then came mikelavigne's link and..."How do you post anything after seeing this?"

sorry, i'm just all in and enjoying the hobby. my system is not intended to be intimidating. you see all the chairs and sofa, it's so i can have visitors all the time. and i do. this is not a shrine, but a place for enjoyment.

my system represents 25 years of efforts and investment. it's been a life altering thing. and i don't recommend my path to anyone. but it does show what is possible. if you are ever in the Seattle area you are welcome to visit.

Thanks for invite. Your system is quite something. It does reset one's expectations of her/his own achievements. Kudos.
I agree with edcyn. I have no idea how to post pics of my system, but then its for listening to, not for looking at.
I have one lousy, fuzzy, poorly lit photo of my system, and I only posted that because I wanted suggestions on how to select subwoofer(s) and where to place it/them.  My Android phone camera takes rotten photos.  I do intend to post more and better pics when I get things cleaned up and arranged.  I have been cleaning records for several weeks and have records sitting around waiting to be cleaned and put away.  I may be swapping out furniture to give more room for moving speakers about when the heart transplant patient that currently lives with me can move to a new home.  I don’t want to disturb him at this point!

The pics of Mike Lavigne’s equipment are sweet.  That is my idea of the room and equipment I would want to bring family and friends to, so they could ooow and ahhh and ask me how I found all this great stuff.  If Mike hasn’t found his sound solution, I don’t know what he would be lacking.  Even the placement of objects in the room is so symmetrical— my ex-wife would be in love!
My system is pretty basic but I took it a step further and also posted a Youtube Video in addition to the Virtual Systems.

I really enjoy looking at everyone else's systems.

One of my friend has four sets of vintage Western horn system in his dedicated room of 25ft wide 50 ft deep and 40ft high .

His system is the best  that I had ever heard with utmost details and natural dynamics.

He used to display his system in Munich High End show.

Lady vocal sounds spooky as if she sings in front of you.

My goal is to have one vintage Western horn system before I die.

After I get one, then I will upload photo of my system.

Many thanks for the kind words, although I know the pictures could/should be better.

My daughter showed interest in my records so I set her up with one of my old tables from years back with a new cartridge, nothing fancy but it gets the job done.
She now has maybe 150 albums including some mofi discs and she does take very good care in handling them and of cleaning the stylus the correct way.
Have to reward and encourage any youngster who shows any interest in good old audio in todays modern times of all streaming and earbuds!

Could you tell me when is your  next audio seminar is scheduled.  Sign me up. I'll contribute to the catering.     
Have been an Audiogon member since 2011 but have browsed the site since 2005. In the last few years have sparadically posted due to the (IMO) the watered down content. Hard to believe some of the (claimed) recent posts on Audiogon. I would like to keep Audiogon the best place to post and purchase gear. I have always thought Audiogon had the best moderators of all the audio forums. If enough of the long time members let the Agon moderators know we don't want politics/religion/vulgarity ect. I'm sure they would comply. As for posting system pics I think it's a personal choice that should not discredit anyone that values privacy. I'm sure I will get around to it(system pics)after I have my backwall artwork completed.
Thank you for sharing your system photos, makes my humble beginnings (which my wife sometimes disapproves of the investment, but is often telling me to play something) seem less over the top.

It’s here in this forum where I’ve really learned more about room treatment, and how much of an improvement can be expected by carefully tuning a room.

I like that you show the inner components "guts" so to speak, I’m the first to admit I like that. And I’ve committed to show my build photos as well.
I couldn’t help myself, I’ve already been swapping out internals in my Datasat RA-2400 (first was to swap out for a dead silent fan - heat sink fan)

Love the DIY rack, especially that it can be adjusted to fit changes if you wish to make them, swapping in components within your system. Need even more height? Purchasing longer all-thread rod at your will, great idea!

oh yeah, I have NO room treatment... Just looked through all of yours,
you sure make the effort to experiment and adjust.
My wife and I just purchased a townhouse and she suggested our bedroom would make a good dual purpose room. The lounge room has terrible acoustic properties, high angular ceiling, open plan and it’s got echoes like a cave!
So I purchased the Acoustic Fields plans and am building four QRD17 quadratic diffusors. Talk about a heck of a lot of work. I’m milling cherry down and gluing it up to make the materials. I have photos I might post as well eventually.


I had the baby stand mounts and a makeshift system in our tiny 1 bedroom apartment until I had enough credit history to finally get into a mortgage. I can’t wait to have the new listening room set up with proper acoustic treatment. 24 x 15 x 8 ’ room.
I sure have shared mine, but now guess what? 
I keep getting responses that clearly show most didn't give a hoot to look at it before wasting their typing effort suggesting unsuitable suggestion. This despite, even having mentioned it several times. 
Too much effort?!? 🤔 

Of course, maybe this because so few posters have a current, or any virtual system posted? 🤔 

But it's good, I feel, to call this out. 
Michélle 🇿🇦