Virtual Dynamics + Ensemble Power Cords- good mix

I recently received an excellent power cord from Rick & the crew at Virtual D- his top-of-the-line Power Signature. VERY revealing (like a shot of adrenaline in the system). It has yet to break in fully, and Rick has said his new 'cryo' process will take it to yet another level- he is now offering the additional process on all his cables I believe...

OK- I have been using Ensemble Megaflux PC's only for quite some time, and love the natural tonality, however things seemed not quite as 'alive' as I would have liked. The VD cable brought things to life with just the amount of increased resolution I was looking for, without a higher noise floor.

In my 2-ch system comprised of 4 tube monoblocks in a bi-amp setup, I have found great results using the Virtual D cords on the amps, and keeping the 2 Ensemble cords + one Isolink transformer on digital(Audio Aero Capitole 24/192 CDP).

Same 'virtual' benefit in the second HT-based system- Theta Dreadnaught 5-ch amp is excellent natural-sounding SS, however perhaps a tad on the warmer side of neutral. Installing the VD Power Signature cord here again gave me the resolution I was looking for (kept an Ensemble Isolink and Megaflux PC's on the HT Processor). The only other cord I have wondered about for the Theta amp is the Custom Power Top Gun HCFi- I used to use the regular Top Gun on my old Rowland Concentra integrated, and it was a fine performer.

Anyways- don't hesitate to try the Virtual Dynamics cords- Rick has apparently now added interconnects and speaker cables, and an exclusive cryogenic process for all. As mentioned, they can be put in a 'mix' quite well with other cords too- in fact, I believe mega-cord Audiogon reviewer 'Tekunda' might be using the same VD/Ensemble mix of power cords last time I saw one of his posts. I believe Rick also has a $$$-back guarantee. If you ever speak to him, you will also find him very passionate about what he is doing, with the science to back it up.
I have the Virtual dynamics audition power cord on the sim amp and it is a excellent match with the Acoustic zen satori, matrix, and ixos itocia cables in the system....I ordered the power extension cord he offers for fixed power cords. This will go on the cd player.....Rick is very personable to talk to. He appears to love his work, and so far I love his power cord....worth the listen, IMO...regards
Your are right, as until today I am using the Ensemble-VD power cords mix. But I am waiting to get the new HMS power cords with build in power conditioner, to try for my personal system.
Whichever cord will win, will stay in my personal system, since all three cords are not that terribly expensive.
Hi Sutts, I'm glad the VD cords are working for you, I've had great success with just three of Rick's Power 2 cords myself. So much so, that a week and a half ago I ordered the whole Audition Package with the entire cryo treatment. I can't wait to get them.
I've got the whole Audition package plus an extra Audition PC (monoblocks). Got mine with the shotgun speaker cable and they sound pretty good with only about 20 hours on them.
tekunda: though most of us who hang here (or on AA) know that you are the exclusive USA distributor for HMS, don't you think you should reveal your pecuniary interest in their products for ALL to see? i sure as hell do. YOU ARE AN AUDIO DEALER. IMO, YOU SHOULD DISCLOSE THIS FACT IN ALL YOUR POSTS. -cfb
I think I made it clear in my post, that I also own a personal system, for which I try to find the best cables possible.
That does not necessarily mean, I will use my own cables. If I find better cables for my system I will use them, and write about it and basically that was the intention of my post.
Believe me, I have been in contact with the moderators as to how to appear in a post.
In above post, I have not given credit to my cables, nor have I bashed the competition, cornfedboy.
I am sure, although I have become the importer of HMS cables, I can still appear as a normal audiophile once in a while, searching for the best to suit his personal system.
And I really hope we are not getting here into the same nonsense, that was going at AA. Can we at least agree on that?
tekunda: no, you are an AUDIO DEALER. that you have your so-called "personal" system is coincidental. face it, EVERYTHING you say must be filtered through the sieve you chose to insert when you became an AUDIO DEALER. don't try to split hairs. it can't be done. -cfb
Hi Turbo, just 20 hours and you like em? That's pretty encouraging. What differences have you noted from your previous cables?
If Sandra Day O'Connor and Ted Kennedy can have a vote and share their personal opinions, then I think Tekunda should be able to also. Unless, of course audiogon already has a policy in place that forbids Tekunda from his personal opinions without disclosure.

Personally, I think cornfedboy should disclose the fact that he is a lawyer and act's as legal advisor to

Tekunda, I'd be interested to know what you find as I have a VD pc also.

stehno: << If Sandra Day O'Connor and Ted Kennedy can have a vote>> means what? ted kennedy is one vote among 100. sandra day o'connor is one vote among 9. sandra day o'connor can throw a presidential election with her vote, and did. poor ol' ted doesn't have quite so much power, despite what he may think. and what does my being a lawyer have to do with anything? what do you do for a living, john?
CFB, you seem to have some pretty fervent opinions about Sandra Day. Like I was surprised. I only threw Teddy in there just give you the impression that I am fair and balanced. :)

Me? Why, I've been umemployed for quite some time now.

sutts: please accept my apology for going even farther off-topic. but.......

stehno: i really have a number of opinions about justice o'connor, depending on the context. i think her rise from a misplaced female on an arizona ranch to the highest court in our land is certainly admirable. i empathize with her battle with cancer and respect her usual independence of spirit. what i decry is the supreme court's unprecedented involvement in the presidential election process of 2001. as a would-be scholar of constitutional law, i found this remarkable insertion of the supreme court into the legislative process to be very disturbing. nearly a throwback to the days of dread scott. that has nothing to do with my political affiliation. i haven't any.

FWIW, if your current unemployment is non-volitional, you have my sympathy. both of my daughters in law have been "laid off" in the last 30 days. it hurts me as it hurts them. as it hurts my sons.

peace and regards,

C'mon guys- perhaps we got a bit off topic here. Do we actually have any other opinions on these CABLES??!!

For those that are also using Virtual Dynamics, let us know what you think, and ESPECIALLY (as was the topic of this post) as a MIX with others...
Hi Guys,
Just received the Audition, Power 2, Power 3 and Mini Lab from my good friend! I've started to run them in! I'll basically be trying them on my Theta transport and Monolithic outboard power supply for my dac!
As Rick stated that full performance will be after about 500hrs fo run-in, I have to say that for now after about some 50hrs of playing with the Audition is strating to come around! I'll post again after I've given it more time! I also plan to try them on my cousin's set and my friend's all tube set!
Hey Sutts,

In my system, my transport and amp gets the most benefit from using the VD P3 cords. I am using Lat International on my dac and a mapleshade on my preamp. I ordered one Audition which I intend to use on the transport and move the P3 to connect the PS Juicebar to the wall.

Sound wise, everything improved with the addition of VD P3 cords in this configuration. I found my alpha dac sounded too airy with a P3, so I am sticking the LAT there for now.
My system still lack a resolution and sounds a little chalky. I think its my transport, so I hope the Audtion will clear that up.

Bottom line: VD seems to be essential on my amp and dac while I prefer other cables on my preamp and dac to fine tune my system's sound.
Hi Ramesh. While I'm still waiting for my cryo'd Audition Package to arrive, I had already been running the Power 2s on my transport, DAC and preamp, and an Acoustic Zen Tsunami on my amp. Later talking with Rick, he felt if there was any place to skimp when it came to power cords, to do it on the amp. But I think it would still be wise to experiment to see which combo we like best. Let us know how your system shapes up as the cords break-in.
Viggen- I found I liked the VD cord on the amp as well (I do not have a dac)

Gunbei- please post a review on the Cryo'd version. I may order another Power Signature, but this time cryo'd to see if there is a any differences.

Ramesh23- let me know what you think of them with your friend's all-tube setup.

cfb- apology accepted! but never stop posting man- you are a great contributor to this site- always enjoy reading your stuff.
Hi Gunbei,
I sure will! I've always thought that placing the best at the transport would be the logical thing! However, in hifi, anything is possible and sometimes, things can work out the other way plus not forgetting personal taste, too!
I will try them all at both places and see what happens! Any particular reason why you prefer the P2 on the transport!
Hi Sutts,
Ok, I will! The VD cords are interesting indeed!
Hey Gunbei,

Have you tried using the Power 2 on the amp and using the Zen on another component?

When I talked to Rick, he said something similar to the effect that if you were to skimp, skimp on the amp. However, I understood it in the context that his cable will still work well on the amp, but the return on investment to go with Audition or Reference powercord when upgrading from Power 3 is low. This is compared to the return on investment when upgrading from Power3 to Audition or Reference on the digital.

Today, I received a D-60 cable, the same one you got. It's not all burned in, but I can imagine using VD cable on the dac in combination with the D-60 will be an improvement. As I complained before, my dac sounded too airy with the Power3. Now with the D-60, there is increased resolution, but the sound is a little congested, too concentrated, compared to the Emerald. Ofcourse, I just received the D-60 in the mail today...
Viggen, I never had the chance to try out that power cord swap, and I can't now because I have no speaker cables at all to play my system through. I still have my D60 as well as the Cardas L15 which was the last digital cable I had hooked up, so I can compare those. But as far as speaker cables go, I'll have to rely on memory when trying out the Auditions, which is only partially reliable.


After many hours of listening & all three wires spending days on my cable cooker (audiohama) my choice is the HMS. I originally owned the Jenna Lab and Valhalla. I found many qualities that I really liked in both cables. The Valhalla with its speed and detail and slam, and the Jenna Lab with mid-range to kill for. Then enters the HMS! It seems to possess all the best qualities of both the Valhalla & Jenna. My search had nothing to do with price since I own all three, all purchased in February and March. It sure is nice to discover the "Best to my Ears" is also the least expensive.

The qualities of the HMS just seem to improve with each day of listening.

Related equipment:

Kora Cosmos Mono Blocks (retubed), Kora Eclipse with Upgrade internal wiring and tubes, and the 24/192 Hermes DAC upgraded wiring and tubes.

Roksan CD Transport CDP-3
Electrocompaniet EC-1 24/192

Kharma Ceramic 1.0 speakers

Nordost Power Cords, Audio Magic Power Cords, and Ensemble Power Cords

I am also using the Ensemble Power Point Power Conditioner. I sold "ALL" the rest of Ensemble IC's, speaker cables, & power cords. Whew!!! Now my ears can rest!!! THE VALHALLA CABLES ARE THE NEXT TO GO!

I am planning to add an Audio Aero CD Player and Virtual Dynamics Power Cords this month. I also am planning to audition the new Tenor Amps we have been hearing so much about.

I can promise you that an investment in the HMS IC's is a wise and prudent choice. It is my answer to the IC search. I have tried many but this is my choice for my system.

I hope this helps, let me hear your responses!

Good Listening,
Stutts could you describe the sonics effect of the Ensemble Isolink upon the Audio Aero Capitol please?