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Jumpers - How good do they really have to be?
there are many feet of standard wire in your speaker, just get something like that.steve 
Wiremold ''NAIM'' powerstrip prices what's this???
gi/go is the same as the weakest link in the chain theory! Linn started the "put it all into the source" because at the time not only did they sell turntables, the turntable was the weakest link!steve 
Break in for ICs from CDP
You are very correct, the old-school method is to set the tuner between stations and play the pink noise. Of course that was before cd players and it didn't make much sense to replay an lp for 200 hours..steve 
Is this considered a "balanced" cable?
Where did this rumor get started that the merit of a balanced interface has to do with whether an amp is a "complementary" design?Actually, a single ended output connected to a balanced input circuit may help an installation as the grounds between... 
Reviews with all double blind testing?
You guys are missing an important point, double-blind testing is used to determine if there is an audible difference between two components. Things like cables and amps usually will (for cables always will) not show a difference.If there is a diff... 
What Bryston says about power cord...
I know a great power-cord, and I can play Smoke-On-The-Water if I move it up and down the neck of my air guitar...steve 
Invert phase?
Most radio audio processing has big ol' phase rotator in place. This scrambles the phase of the audio band to eliminate non-symetry in the waveform. As a result any particuliar band within the audio spectrum will have a phase difference betwen 0 a... 
Spelts interconnects silver ?
Thatz good, because if you meant using "A hardy wheat grown mostly in Europe" as an interconnect, I would have said that is crazy, though not the craziest thing I have heard of here.steve 
Digital Cable on Digital Cable Tv Box
Now those are up to $650, for a $35 cable box to watch tv?steve 
Digital Cable on Digital Cable Tv Box
I guess than depends if the $250 cable is better than a Canare or Belden digital cable made to audiophile standards like an Apogee or one of the other $69 jobs.I usually suspect that many in the $250 and up market are not materially better, just a... 
recipe for seasoning power cords
24 hours with the door open.steve 
Need quality flexible power cord for CD player....
Just a little kidding Larry, good to know what you like anyways!steve 
Need quality flexible power cord for CD player....
Larry you're some pal offering to get a 3k power cord for 100 bucks for this guy.:)steve 
Here we go again...Silver vs. Copper on P/C 's
Starting with a 60Hz signal with some aberrations due to current surges then rectifying the results, the composition of the wire might not really matter.steve 
Do materials alter frequencies and speed?
This obviously impacts dynamics.It seems the 'speed' of the cable is usually stated between 60-90% the speed of light, depending on dielectric constant od the insulator used. How does this affect dynamics? I thought dynamic range is based on the n...