Very budget bass only amp with gain control?

Any ideas of VERY cheap used amp of 300w or more that has gain that IYO would excell in bass only? thanks
Try a used Altec 1594 on ebay. Only 100w but probably lots more peak ability with that huge transformer! Cheap as $75-100 on average.
The Crown K-2 is very cheap in the context of high end audio. I bought mine for $650. There is no better bass amp.
Any of the Behringer pro amps, I believe they have one that outputs that kind of power. $200-$400
I've got a QSC 1200. 300 watts @8ohms when bridged mono with gain control. It is virtually bullet proof with internal cooling fan too. $175???
Thanks all, I have some research to do!
A pro amp w/cooling fan just may drive you up the wall with it's noise. I'm using a Hafler TransNova 9505 which is excellent for bottom, but this looks like it might be just the ticket for your system and budget: ( A 60 day satisfaction guarantee too(hard to beat).
Thanks Rodman, have you used this amp?
Not yet, but the next time I do a pro install I will be. I've used quite a few Behringer pieces in my sound tech work(especially the last 10 years). For the money- you can't beat the stuff. Every install I do, I insist on a DEQ 2496 to curve the room response(after whatever treatments are done). With this return policy, it's hard to go wrong on the A500: ( If you should happen to not like the sound, just let them know it wasn't up to your standards. I've dealt with Same Day quite a few times, and never got a hassle from them on a return. I believe some of the guys on this thread tried it(at least the thread starter did): ( You might e-mail him, and inquire.