Verity Audio Lohengrin: WOW Can't beleive this...

Hi everyone,
I have to vent out (can't keep this to myself)....

I just came back from Filtronique (one of the best audio store in Montreal). They had a pair of Verity Audio Lohengrin hooked up.

The Lohengrin are 95db sensitive and have an nominal impedance of 8 ohms... They weigh a hefty 520lbs and stand 5 feet tall... The frequency range of these beast is 15Hz to 50kHz ± 3.0dB (scary numbers).

I had a chance to listen to some CDs along with some LPs (for a bout 2 hours). All I have to say is that the speakers are the BEST speakers I had a chance to audition. I auditioned some Martin Logan Statement E4, Sonus Faber Amatti Hommage, Mark Levinson X1, Jm Lab Grande Utopia, Sound Lab Ultimate One... In my opinion, none of the above come even close to the Lohengrin (actually, the E4 mentionned above are not even in the same league as the Verity).

The Verity Lohengrin have the coherence of Monitor (I actually never heard speakers with such a good coherence)and the body of a full range speaker. It's the first time speakers completely disappear to leave room to the music... I'm not a audio critique so I won't go into details.

The associated gear was:

Nagra VPA monoblocks for the monitor
Nagra MPA Amp for the woofer section
YBA Passion Preamp
Wadia 861x CDP
Clear Audio Master Reference turntable (don't remember which tonearm and cartridge)
Siltech G5 ICs
YBA Diamond speaker cables
Symposium Quantum shelves on Symposium rack

For many people, this message will seem to be a flame or a message with little content. It's all right, I just have to vent out and share my experience (I'm still not sure I'll be able to sleep tonight!).

For anyone that can afford the $80,000 they command, I beg you. Please try auditioning these Masterpieces. Your ears will be thankfull.

Just my humble opinion.

One last note: after trying these speakers, the Parsifal encore (Verity's second best speakers) sound like a pair of mini monitors beside the Lohengrin.
lgregoir Encores have no problem filling my VERY damped medium-sized room with explosive SPLs down to 30Hz!
And coherent? Phew.
I can only imagine what Veity's done at $80k, but used Encores for one TENTH that are going to be my speakers for life!
I'm sure the Nagra monoblocks had something to do with the incredible music you were hearing. But I know what you mean about sometimes just having to vent at the gorgeousness of a particular system or setup. If I had Bill Gates' money, or even a lot less, I would be constantly building and tweaking different systems.
"Nagra VPA monoblocks for the monitor
Nagra MPA Amp for the woofer section
YBA Passion Preamp
Wadia 861x CDP
Clear Audio Master Reference turntable (don't remember which tonearm and cartridge)
Siltech G5 ICs
YBA Diamond speaker cables
Symposium Quantum shelves on Symposium rack"

Two thing make you post irrelevant: Wadia and Clearaudio. Both front end terribly flawed. Wadia filled with grain an high fr. zip. Clearaudio lean an false.

If speaker soun good to you with either Wadia or Clearaudio, only two possibility: 1. Speaker so veiled it hide flaw of front end or 2. You have no ability to judge. Either way your conclusion has zero credbility an therefore meaningless.
Hey Kevinkwann, I read the previous posts you wrote (on other threads) on Audiogon... Have you ever wrote anything positive or constructive? Seems that you post messages to contradict or discredit people...

By the way, I'm curious. What front end do YOU consider not flawed? What does your golden ears judge as a good front end?

Also, one last thing, please keep flames to yourself... I'm not looking for credibility, I'm giving my humble opinion. If I wanted to review the speakers, I would have posted in the review section. No question of irrelevance or meaningless.

Best Regards
Here's pics of the Verity Audio Lohengrin speakers.
That looks like a Raven tweeter at the top.
Kevinkwann, your credibility is zero since you listen with those cold, sterile, incoherent, and muddled Fischer & Fischer speakers. any conclusions you have reached are clearly invalid.

the Wadia and Clearaudio might not be my first choices either. but to suggest that they are so flawed as to render Lgregoir's comments as meaningless is ridiculous and out of line.

you sure you are not related to Romy? maybe his less-evil twin?

your former victim,
I think the drivers and tweeters are all Audio technology. They have been specially customized for Verity Audio...
I know this post is very old, but I also had a chance of listening at these great speakers with Nagra VPA as well and I can truly say it is easily the best sound I have heard in my entire life. I own the Verity Sarastro but the Lohengrin is in a class but it self!
I believe this exact setup was at the Montreal FSI this past April
The sound was excellent and by far my favourite room
I agree it's the best sound i've heard thus far
I would love to have a pair myself.
However, I don't understand why a pair of speakers need to be $ 80 k.
If the components and cabinets cost say $ 5 to $ 7k.
My sense is the manufacturer would make more profit if they sold for $ 20 k. Maybe need to sell direct.
Summary, I believe an $ 20 k exceptional model can outsell an $ 80 k model 10 or 20 to 1 and be a much better profit maker. It also get the product out there for more to listen to and to buy. Thoughts.
I think only the drivers of the Lohengrin cost around 10K. But I suppose is the results that counts and not the cost of the individual componenents.
I heard the combo (if not the same, very similar) at the LA Stereophile show (2 years ago?) while I was searching for a replacement for my long time reference, Thiel 3.6. The combo was awesome. Because of the demo, I put Parsifal on my short list to audition, and ultimately bought a pair of Encore.

I've tried to look up Verity speakers at every show I attened after that. But their showing at the RMAF last year was disappointing. The Lohengrin was driven by all Artemis components. The amps were not very powerful, and the room was way too big, the neighbor was too loud. You could not hear anything, and the room was empty every time I walked by the room.

When I tried to audition a pair of Parsifal Ovation, I could not find a dealer anywhere on the west coast that has anything other than Rienzi in stock. I ended up flying out to Colorado to audition when I found a used pair of Encores at a dealer, and bought it.

Verity really should pay more attention at these shows and get their dealer network in order.