Verity Audio Lohengrin II - Impressions.

The Los Angeles/Orange County Audio Society hosted an event recently in which a friend of mine, and distributor of Verity Audio and Nagra product, John Quik, (along with the VP of Verity Audio, Julian Pelcant (sp??).) was invited to "show-off" this recently updated monstrous speaker: The Lohengrin II.

Standing a few inched short of six feet; the speakers were amazing on all levels, even considering the hotel meeting room surroundings.

As an owner of the Parsifal Ovations I am a little bias towards the product, but not since the SF Amati Homages were introduced in or about ‘98 had I been so blown away by a speaker...

All electronic were Nagra, save for an Artimis Labs Turntable, and the visceral attack was rib cage rattling and just plain FUN.

It was simply "one of those events" that will remain imbedded in the audiophile ROM of my brain.

Has any one else heard these speakers? Impressions? Ever had a similar experience as in being so blown away by an audio product that it takes you breath away??

Comments welcome and encouraged!

Entertainment room, where audio comes first....
Well, after a solid 20 years in this hobby, I beleive I am done
That your words !!!!
Upgraditis again
LOL! At $80k a pair, I think not.
Hi John,

I was also at this event. Sitting second row center, I thought the sound was quite good for a hotel room setup, but not exceptional. The good points were general smoothness, lack of grain, and especially macrodynamics. The areas that were problematic were boomy bass and a glare in the upper midrange, both of which may have been due to acoustics issues, but I can't be sure. I would have loved to have heard what another $4k in bass traps and front wall absorption/diffusion would have done to this roughly $300k system (you didn't mention that they were using close to $100k in Tara Labs The ONE cables to hook all of it up). As setup, the system could entertain, but couldn't sonically disappear.

If *it* doesnt really dissapear it is likely room acoustics.
placement of diffusors and base trapps is mandatory to get any speaker into doing the dissapearing act.
wishfull thinking to expect that the Lohengrin II does it all without proper room treatment.
love 'm.

That is always the problem with listening events: the room.

I am usually a bit more forgiving with issues such as the ones you refere to Steve. In my minds ear, I really try to "extapolate" the sound a bit. If I cannot find anything fundementally amiss or off, then I will be willing to conceed that any "errors" are room generated. Without such "forgiveness" all shows and the like would unbearable.

It was, afterall, such a setting that I first heard the Parisafal Ovations, so there was enough of a glimpse into their signature to want to seek them out over and over again unil I becam an owner.

I did not find the bass boomy at all. However, I was front room off to the stage left (next to that couple who should have "got a room"). In that seat, I found the bass to be tight but short of viseral. I had to leave before I think John got to more aggressive decibles, perhaps there was more thunder after I left.

All in all, an excellent product which, I am sure, trickles down the line. It is the same ribbon in the Sarastos II as the big boy. With that event, I can say that I have heard all Verity products save for their sub and the Renzi and contest that there is a soothing tone all through their line that is to die for...IMO.

I also heard the Lohengrin II with Nagra VPA and is easily the best sound I have heard in my life. For my tastes of course...