VD Nite power cord - forward or laid back perspective?

I can't find enough written about the VD Nite's perspective. Does it tend to be forward-sounding or more laid back? I appreciate opinions!
I found all Virtual Dynamics cables and cords to sound very forward, from a sound-stage perspective, not tonally aggressive.
Felt like the musicians were right in my lap. Not my cup of tea, but if that's your thing, go for it.

I've owned Nite, Master, Revelation series.
In my system there is no trace of being forward , it's just about right, it works well with my source, preamp and amp....this is a good pc...,
Do you know any cords around $300 used that have a slightly rolled treble and full mids but are more laid back?

Try Lessloss. 
Triode Wire Labs Ten Plus American, maybe even Seven Plus American on the used market.
Jmc have you tried TWL pc?
Jmc have you tried TWL pc?

Jmc, thank you, how good are this tens or seven pc, compare to the one you have, I got an interest after reading them, for the price TWL is asking I can get good kimber pc, Cerious tech pc....or cardas pc...
@jayctoy , to be honest, there is not a whole lot of difference in that price range, I wouldn't sweat it.
I still own a couple Cerious Technologies Nano Signature cords, and a TWL Ten Plus. I have owned Cardas Golden Reference cords previously. I have never owned any Kimber cords.

Not a whole lot of difference between the above cords, IMHO, IMS. Currently, I’m only using a CT NS from VPI Prime table to Walker Audio Motor Controller, and the TWL Plus from Walker to the power conditioner.
The CT, Cardas, and TWL are all pretty musical and warm. None of them are the most revealing of cords.

All of my other cords are much more expensive. Silent Source Music Reference, CH Acoustics X-20, PranaWire Varja SE, Dynamic Designs Heritage AE 15, etc.
Thanks a lot JMC for the information...I really do appreciate it...
+1 on the Triode Wire Labs Digital American PC. Have had one on my DAC for a couple weeks now. Least expensive PC I have in my main system and it hangs in with the big boys. A steal at $500.