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Snell Type A II Speakers
Marty I apologize that I did not see your question until now. You can reach Lloyd at (314) 440-8187 
Amps from the 1980's -- What gear holds up sonically? Reliably?
It was nice because most tube amps sounded musical back then. Now more than half the tube amps sounds closer to solid state, at least in tonal balance. I wish Conrad Johnson had stuck closer to their musicality heritage, for example.Who didn't lik... 
Thor ta-1000 pre cap replacement -- advice
I replaced two more caps, beyond the coupling caps with audio note mylar copper caps. Still breaking in and making tube and cable changes too so I may never be able to.attribute changes to the caps. But things are heading a good direction. Thanks ... 
Frequency equalizing -- Left and right channels separately or together
Sorry for the very late reply, but thank you, Erik! 
Snell Type A II Speakers
I have owned six pair of Type A speakers. They are one of the most realistic sounding speakers ever designed, in my opinion. I have owned Proac, b&w 802, Quad esl-63, Spendor and others, and just a month ago returned to the snells for my main ... 
Thor TA-1000 - inerverting or non-inverting absolute phase?
Cool. I just bought a vac Renaissance 30/30 amp and may replace more caps in the Thor to soften the treble a tad. The Thor is so bulletproof, quiet and great sounding. Hard to imagine replacing it.  
Vac Renaissance 30/30 -- difference between original Mk2 and Mk3?
What do you think an original is worth, in excellent condition, with no output tubes? 
Rives PARC parametric equalizer
This is an old thread, but I see many of you are far more knowledgeable about equalization than I. I just bought a Rives Parc and even a quick and dirty measure/set shows truly amazing effect on my 50hz bass bump. I just measured and corrected bot... 
Shindo Montrachet EL34 amp -- can it handle impedance of Snell Type A?
I confirmed that the Snells are a 4ohm nominal load so they just are not suitable for the Shindig. Too bad. Thanks very much for everyone's advice Now I need to either find a new amp or other speakers ... But I do not like most speakers, so I may ... 
Shindo Montrachet EL34 amp -- can it handle impedance of Snell Type A?
Now I remember ... If you click the PDF link for the original Type A on, the manual specs say the 4 ohms is "minimum". This is what gave me some hope that the nominal may be 6 or 8. 
Shindo Montrachet EL34 amp -- can it handle impedance of Snell Type A?
Yes I know those archives. I must have read elsewhere that the four ohm figure was the minimum impedance, not nominal. But now all I see is 4 ohm everywhere I read. You must be right. If this is the case I think it may be  o good for the shindig. ... 
Shindo Montrachet EL34 amp -- can it handle impedance of Snell Type A?
Thanks Al! The Snell A impedance data you sent is for the Type A Reference which is several generations from the original Type A. I think this is an entirely different speaker separated by 20 years and entirely different design. It is challenging ... 
Shindo Montrachet EL34 amp -- can it handle impedance of Snell Type A?
Thank you Brad!Alan: is your caution related to the danger it could possibly pose to the amp or more about sonics? 
Air Tight ATM-3, ATM-1 or Thalmann modded CJ Premier Fives?
I tried the Premier Fives and liked the sound quite a bit. Big, dynamic, smooth. However they had some mechanical issue and the seller took them back. Immediately after I found a pair of Lamm M1.1 monoblocks for sale and jumped at them. I have not... 
Is Jim Smith's Book"Get Better Sound"Best Book ?
I just received Jim's book for Christmas after dropping a very specific hint (leaving his magazine ad torn out on the kitchen counter). only half way through and love it. While I know some things he covers, much I did not know and some tips a...