Vault 2

Does any one own a Vault 2  and what tablet would work best with this for hi res audio?
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Love mine. I just use my iPhone - it’s easy peasy. Can’t speak for anything phone or tablet other than apple products. I haven’t tried anything hi res as I have been very happy with Tidal HiFi and my own collection of CDs I have ripped.

What are you using for a DAC? If you’re only using the DAC within the Vault, I’m not sure it’s worth spending the money on hi res downloads as Tidal is just fine.  
My Vault2 works the same with Android And iOS devices
ThanxI Iam a newbie to steaming.
Blue vault good for a $1000 but not Thst great sounding ss6 vs the Lumin D2 
or Aurelic . Depending if $1k is your max budget 
I use an iPad most of the time due to the larger screen, but I have the BluOS app on my iPhone as well.
 I have my cd collection loaded into the Vault plus a Tidal hi Fi subscription.  Everything works great and navigation is intuitive.