Vandersteen 5a or Krell Lat-1's

What do you perfer???????
Off the cuff, Vandersteen, if it were me.

But these are two different beasts. Either might work best depending on the romm and other factors, like mainly your own personal tastes and preferences.

This is what really matters.
Vandersteen, Vandersteen, Vandersteen

You allready bought the LATs and now you are interested in Vandys?

Play the LATS live with them and then if you are unhappy you can move to something else.

The Lat is a far superior product to the Vandys in terms of construction and build quality. The LATS have great dynamics, however, they do not have very deep bass, their soundstage is good but not great.

The LATS are very good at realistic volume, great dynamics, good low level detail. They are not bright.

Used with a good subwoofer and the right components they can sound quite good.
The LAT series of speakers are one of the most under-rated components in hifi history. They are really good, although expensive and not easy to match.
They sound great with Pass electronics or the cj premier 350 using and ACT2 preamplifier.
The LAT1 sounds almost electrostatic, but you should position it to get some bass reinforcement from the room.
After one day of listening I would never go to Vandies now. I bought the LAT-1's and never heard them. They are a world class contender for all out assult. Fineally a speaker that sounds great with cast cables. Vandies not even in the same league.
Vandersteen 5A all the way Krell isnt a real p;ayer in speakers, and they cant put there hands in too many things and hope they all are as good as can be. Krell makes amps, pre-amps, integrated amps, speakers, movie processors, disc players and even Ipod docks. Call me crazy but i want a company to make one thing right and not try to be "minisony".
I thought the same thing until I went on a whim. Dan knows what he is doing. If you have Krell it is very good. Vandersteen is a great speaker. Just the LAT-1 is much better speaker. I have world class front end so that probably helps somewhat. Believe me. I was a very big fan of the 5a's. I am a music lover (pure). The Vandies will never come close to the tonal qualities of the LAT.
>>The Vandies will never come close to the tonal qualities of the LAT.<<

You forgot "IMO".

There are no absolutes.
There are no absolutes.

You forgot "IMO". ;)
You are correct Brianmgrarcom.

..just a suggestion for Vandy 5A owners. I have switched out the stock power cords for Accrolink/Oyeida 046 cords. The increase in open-ness, and definition throughout the frequency spectrum (yes, the mids and highs too) can not be believed. The IEC connector into the Vandy amps still has to be a stock plug because the fins will not let the Oyeida or other large plugs be fully inserted. The change is definitely a very large improvement. When I told Richard, he seemed to be underwhelmed by the information, however, I think it is very worthwhile.
Thanks everyone for your input. They are both very nice speakers. I am happy to be able to afford and be able to choose between the two.
Yea thats whats called a high class problem!
I posted earlier but it didn't show...

If you have the option, the answer is easy - get the 5As.