Vandersteen 2Wq crossover

I'm looking for a fairly inexpensive crossover for a 2Wq. I just bought one used, but it did not have the introductory crossover, the WX-2, nor the X-2 included. I have a Moscode 600 amp that is probably an inpedance of around 50K, although I'm checking with George Kaye on that.
Any advice on something around $100 bucks?
The main speakers are Vandersteen 2CE's.
Once you are sure that the amp's impedance is 50k, Vandersteen offers, through its authorized dealers, the X-2 in-line filter. Cost is around $125.00. If you want to try and find an in-line hi-pass filter elsewhere, you can, but remember you need to match that impedance, and you want a first order hi-pass filter, hinged at 80Hz. A Vandy dealer might lend you the WX-2 so you can try different impedance settings to see what sounds best before ordering an X-2. But the WX-2 is not a very transparent x-over, it is only intended for determining what X-2 you should order. You can also keep an eye out for used X-2s here on Audiogon, but they don't come up often, won't always have the impedance you need, may be balanced, when you need unbalanced, or unbalanced, when you need balanced (do NOT use adaptors from one to the other), and the price usually isn't much lower than list.
Thanks so much for the advice. I'll try Sound by Singer in my area for the crossover.
I don't think Singer is a Vandy dealer anymore. I don't think Vandy has a dealer in NYC. In New Jersey, there are two: Audio Connection in Verona and Audio Nexus in Summit, both excellent dealers. Since there are no local dealers for you, one of these NJ dealers might be permitted to ship you the crossovers.
Thanks. I was able to find a dealer in NJ. I found out from George Kaye that the input impedance was much higher than I thought, 270K. Vandersteen doesn't make a crossover for that exact number, but sent one set at 200K. The explanation is that essentially this will act to lower the crossover point, from 80Hz down to 60HZ, which should be OK for my 2CE's. So far, it sounds really good, although I imagine it will sound better after breaking in. Any opinions on all of this?
Congrats. The X-2 crossovers are pretty good, and very high value. The real magic, though, is the 2Wq. IMHO, this sub may be the most underrated product in all of the high end. I like my pair so much that when I upgraded from my Vandy 1Cs, I made it a requirement that whatever speaker I chose had to work with the 2Wq subs. The bass is deep, fast, clean and smooth from octave-to-octave. They blend seemlessly with my Ohm Walsh 2000s. For sure, the lower crossover point will not be an issue with your 2CEs.

Remember that every bit of music in your system goes through those X-2s. I used my X-2s for a few years, and recently picked up a pair of the Vandersteen MHP-5 active high-pass filters. My system has taken another step up the performance ladder, with even smoother sound, more detail, better note trails, and an expanded, more stable sound stage. I got them used for $450 through Audiogon, and I could not be happier. I did have to have the batteries professionally changed, however, at an additional cost.

Although I still need to address some ancillary issues in my system (ICs, power cords, speaker cables, etc.), I feel as if I am getting to the point where I will have little desire for major upgrades unless I win the lottery.

If you'd ever like to come to New Jersey and hear my rig, you're welcome. Send me an email.

I have heard the newer Moscode amps, and if your 600 is at all similar to what I have heard, then I would think your system must kick butt as it is. Enjoy!
Hi. This thread is interesting because I just bought a 2wq without any WX-2 or X-2. I have been wondering what people listen for when deciding the optimum impedance for the crossover... does the impedance value only change the crossover point, or are there other sonic issues with different impedances. Ideally I would love to find and MHP-5 but they seem difficult to find. If I had someone make a high-pass filter with very high quality caps, could I just pick a value based on the impedance of my CJ MV-60 (100k), and maybe peg the caps at a lower value like 50k or 75k range? My mains are Snell Type A's which should be flat to 35 or so. I would actually prefer a lowerer cross point than 80 hz.
Thanks for thoughts!
you wont know what u
r 2 prefer untill get the assessement box and do the assesment
best johnnyr
Montaldo - The MHP-5s are adjustable, so if you can buy one, new or used, you kill two birds with one stone. Barring that, ask around for local 2Wq owners or Vandy dealers and see if you can borrow a WX-2. The dealer should do it since you will order your X-2 from him once you pick the value you want.

I suppose a first order high-pass filter of any origin would work, but the elbow must be at 80Hz, since the amp in the 2Wq has a corresponding rise below 80Hz. If the high pass filter does not match, you will get a net response hump in the 50-80 Hz range.
Thanks, Bondmanp. I ended up finding a pair of M5-HPs. Now my problem is the crossover points don't match (sub at 80, M5-HP at 100hz) and there is a huge hole in the midbass. The M5-HPs are adjustable for amp input impedance, but can the crossover point be adjusted too? Maybe I have to get Vandersteen to put different caps in them?
just go one or two down from what the lable dip settings says for 2wq and your amps input imp
for example for 100 hz its as on the lable says for five as
for 2wq go one dip setting down say 75 k and listen then try 2 down and listen dont foget to experiment with sub volume , contour to your preference get the spikes installed ,use a bubble leveled and snugged up let us know how you made out. johnnyr
OK, I'm not totally clear on this. So the dip switches, as they adjust for amp input impedance they also move the crossover point up and down? Sounds like you are saying I should just keep trying lower and lower impedance settings, which will effectively lower the crossover point? Is there any particular setting that will create an 80hz cross point, to match the sub?
((((I should just keep trying lower and lower impedance settings, which will effectively lower the crossover point? Is there any particular setting that will create an 80hz cross point, to match the sub?)))
First find out what your amps input imp is
With the 5s high pass dip settings are for 100 hz for 80 hz start going one setting down at a time untill you get it right if you dont know your amps input imp read the manual and start there. what kind of amp do you have?
are you running xlr or RCA?
I should have said before this is single ended (RCA). My amp is CJ MV-50 with 100k input impedance. Also, I favor a rich lower mid so prefer slightly lower cross where possible, such as 60 hz. My speakers are Snell Type A so flat to 35 or so.
The part that still confuses me is the difference between the input impedance setting and the crossover point setting. Maybe as you decrease input impedance below what your amp would call for, the crossover point starts to drop? Sorry for my ignorance here and thanks for your ongoing help.
One correction: typo... my amp is MV-60, not MV-50
My issue seems to be solved! I talked to Richard Vandersteen and he told me I could use an M5-HP dip setting one below the recommended impedance to simulate a lower (80hz) cross point. Two below at most. Far more importantly, he guessed that my Snell speakers had a woofer that is designed out of phase, and that I should reverse leads on both channels to the sub to reverse absolute phase. At the time this sounded mystifying to me that this could make a big difference. I was seeing huge variances in dB by frequency band, compared to my full range speakers on their own. Well, voila! He was dead right. I reversed both sets of leads and it was all restored. No more frequency hole in the lower mid/upper bass I have to say I was blown away.

Once I thought about it, this makes sense to me. I have not worked with subs much but now realize the cancellation that was happening between the sub drivers and my Snell woofer. Bravo to Richard Vandersteen not only for knowing his stuff (no surprise) but also remembering the phase oddity of a 30+ year old Snell Type A! My system sounds incredible. I can't wait to tweak and spike it and work on the Q setting. Also, thanks to A'goners for indulging my ignorance and helping on this issue.
Stu - Enjoy! I absoluely love my 2Wqs. They are the Goldilocks of subwoofers. Not only is Richard one of the stars of the audio world, but his dealers, like John R. at Audio Connection are also excellent. Class acts all the way. I dunno if you like the music, but if you want to knock your socks off, once you have the sub dialed in properly, play some Bjork tracks with the strong, deep synthesized bass. Whoa!!!
Both Richard and John (Audio Connection) are oh so helpful with their advice....and are always right. These two guys are good to know.