Value? Vandersteen model II

I have a pair of Vandersteen Model II's of which I am the original owner. There is some distortion on one of the speakers and I am not sure the cause. I would like to pass on the speakers but I am not sure if there is any value left in them. Rather than simply putting them on the street for garbage pick up I would rather sell them or even give them to someone who can fix them and use them. I would appreciate any advice or recommendations. Thanks.
the model II sould have a vintage-collector value to it.
I really liked the newest 2 series and 3A speakers.
I do not like the Treo nor Quattro, as I find them rolled off on the top 2 octaves, to my ears.
Jafant I wont doubt you heard what you heard.
Could it have been that they were set up with a darker wire or in a room with other pairs of speakers standing along with them?
Cheers JohnnyR

I heard the Treo / Quattro w/ Ayre, ARC & Aesthetix gear.
Various cables/cords as well. Some Vandy experts say it is the 1st order x-over.
Your speakers are definitely not curbside garbage. Whatever is the problem, it's almost certainly repairable by someone, even if you don't care to pursue it. Can you locate the distortion to a specific driver in that one speaker, or is it across the board?
Vandersteen will service and repair any speaker they have ever made.
Contact them directly.

These are not easy speakers to get into without causing damage, best left to the people who made them.
((Various cables/cords as well.))
Never heard of that brand Various.
what cables were they?
Cheers JohnnyR
Many thanks to you all. I have tried changing all the electronics and substituting other speakers using the same cables and all was OK. I appreciate how hard it is to get into these speakers and agree I would do more damage than good. I will try calling the manufacturer to see what they say about fixing the speakers. I think the time has come for me to move on from these but if I can get a good value for them I would be very happy. Thanks to you all for your helpful words.