Using Oppo 105 for Audio from Cable Box?

I'm thinking about getting an Oppo 105, and using it to do the D/A conversion for my TV audio; i.e., instead of the Comcast cable box or TV doing the conversion. I am using an integrated amp, not an AVR or processor. And using only two-channel sound in my video system.

Does anyone have experience doing this? If so, is the sound significantly better than through the cable box? I would think it would be, but we are talking about audio from the cable company that is somewhat compromised to begin with.

I get the best sound by using the direct digital out from the cable box - digital rca patch - Krell Dac - CJ Preamp. It sounds as good as any other digital source in my system. You want to get your digital signal to your best dac, which in your case is clearly the Oppo 105. I think you will be very happy with this arrangement.
I have the Output from my Comcast cable box going into the coaxial input of my Oppo 105, and the video directly to the TV. It sounds good and works fine apart from one thing - the audio and video are out of sync. Strangely, the delay seems to vary, but at it's worst it is pretty noticeable. Oppo say they are going to address this in the next firmware release, but I thought i would give you a heads up.
Thank you, Malcolm. Very much appreciated.

Also: I was assuming one could go from the cable box to the 105 via HDMI. I guess not, huh?
Of course, you can go directly from the box via HDMI and that would be the best way.
Hmmm...I wonder why Malcolm isn't using HDMI then. Seems like a no-brainer, and that Oppo would have told him to do that (instead of just "wait for the firmware"). I'd assumed the obvious thing was HDMI from box to 105; then HDMI to TV for video, and "regular" (analog) interconnects to integrated amp for audio. Is anyone certain this will work? If it does - and there are no "out of sync" issues - the sound would presumably be better than the cable box or TV audio to integrated amp.

The main thing I had wondered about is whether it's really worth it, i.e., is the cable sound already so compromised that it makes little difference that the 105 is doing the D/A conversion instead of the box or TV. I'm willing to try it if there are no sync issues. If there are, though, I'm not interested until they are cleared up.
Oppo released a beta update (3/26/13) that seeks to address the audio synch delay:

* Added a feature that allows the adjustment of the audio delay time within the range of -100ms to +100ms. This can be set under "Setup Menu"->"Audio Processing" -> "A/V Sync", and the delayed time will be applied to all output terminals including HDMI 1 and 2, Coaxial, Optical, and 7.1 outputs (including the Stereo outputs of the BDP-105).

* The actual audio delay effect might be different for each of the output terminals due to the different audio process algorithms and signal paths used for each output. Please adjust this setting based on the actual output terminal in use.

* The negative adjustment values are for cancelling out the audio delay that the player automatically applies. Depending on the video source and the time it takes to process the video, the main decoder chip automatically applies an audio delay in order to optimize audio video synchronization. The negative manual settings reduce the automatic audio delay, while the positive manual settings apply additional delay. Any negative value setting beyond the player's automatic delay will be treated as completely cancelling the automatic delay. For example, if the "A/V Sync" value is manually set to -100ms and for the current video source the player applies a 70ms automatic audio delay, the final result is that the 70ms audio delay gets cancelled and the audio is not delayed at all. It is not possible to put audio ahead of video using this setting.
I take HDMI from a DirecTV HD-DVR to the HDMI port of the Oppo 105, HDMI-1
out of the 105 directly to the projector and HDMI-2 to a monitor for video,
analog XLR stereo and RCA 7.1 to a Cary 11a processor for audio. The result is
excellent audio and video.

I often listen to balanced stereo leaving the other amps in standby mode, but
that's just to save energy.

Thanks db. The question is "does it sound better with the audio being converted to analog via the 105 vs via the DVR or processor?"
Thanks Edwyun

Do you know how well this works? And is it necessary at all if one if using Cable Box to 105; HDMI from 105 to TV; analog (interconnects) from 105 to amp?
I don't think my cable box has HDMI (I'm away from home right now so can't check). If it does then of course you can use it. Maybe I need to upgrade my cable box.
Jfz, the Cary 11a for all its bugs has a reputation for fine audio quality, a reputation deserved in my experience. Thus, although I don't use it, I'm confident HDMI-2 taken to the Cary would produce excellent audio. Analog from the 105 to Cary inputs set to bypass certainly produces excellent audio. Both will substantially exceed the analog capability of the DVR. You would need a processor with an exceptional analog stage to better the analog from the 105.