Using Behringer MX602A Mixer with a Hafler DH-200

Hi, I just bought a Behringer MX602A Mixer to drive a Hafler DH-200 Amplifier. I will be using it as a preamp. Also, I will be buying the Studiolink 500 interconnect Monster Cables. Anyone have any thought about this setup?
BTW, I just bought the Hafler DH-200 Amplifier to drive the Paradigm Titans.
I am not sure what type of input you are looking for. I don't know much about the Behringer so I can't help you there. I own 3 Hafler Dh200 amps I use for my Home Theater. I have tried them for music and it all depends on what you expect out of your music system. The Dh200 is not that great by todays standards. But if you picked it up for like $100 what would one expect? It is a very dry amp that lacks the finesse of most of todays amps. The Monster interconnects are pretty crappy also. They would be ok for a low budget HT system. So I gyess with what you are describing about your system, you may have like $400 into it you should be pretty happy with it. I am not sure what it is you want to know.
Sorry to here about your experience. The Hafler is a very transparent and dynamic amp. I don't know what speakers you had but the Hafler matches well with Titans.
Thats fine, I am glad you are happy with it. Just watch out, the bug is addictive :)
Hello! I am wondering if I should choose a mixer model here? And I'm inclined to sample the yamaha Mixer table, can you give me a review?