Using a 220v piece in the US

I am thinking of buying a Phono step up device which runs at 220v. (Germany) I believe it is requires somewhat low power. I believe that there are voltage converters that I can buy. Will there be any sonic drawbacks from going this route?
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Can you have the voltage converted at the factory before they ship?
Other option is to use this German gear on USA 240 Volt 60 HZ. Most homes are already wired for this to supply the clothes dryer, oven and other heavy use appliances.

There are threads covering this exact subject, you might do a search. Obviously the comment from Glen above is correct, you can either convert to 120 volt or following my suggestion, verify that 240 60 HZ USA will not harm the circuit.

I may be remembering incorrectly, but when I lived in Austria, I recall the voltage to not only be 220V, but also 50Hz which raised havoc with some devices. Good luck, but check carefully before taking the plunge. There must be some complete converters around.
I would recommend checking with the manufacturer (duh!!). I just checked on a piece and it was only $50 to have it converted. All problems solved and no doubts.
Have your electrician install a 220 volt 15 amp circuit breaker and run a dedicated line to the pre. You'll be getting the best out of the unit and it may be the best way to anyway.

I know some who are converting their components from 115 volts to 230 and doing the above. I've already got the instructions to convert my amp to 230 and then I just need to install the appropriate circuit breaker as I already have the dedicated lines.

The reason for my delay? Lack of confidence, of course. Everybody I know who knows this stuff has already blessed the procedures but as you may know, electricity must be treated with a fair amount of respect as should any good amp. Any little screwup could get one quite excited. Besides, I'm still looking for the lyrics to the song "Oh Lord, I'm coming home to be with thee."