connecting up the pieces.


I have been building the cabinets for the last month and now I am ready to connect together the equiptment. I am a pretty good carpenter but not so good at the connecting part :)
So I have a speakercraft starlet 9 for the center, starlet 6's for the L and R dipole 5's for the rear. The starlets have the tweeters and the woofers seperate so I have 6 sets of speaker wires. OK, So I have a McIntosh 7106 for the L,R and C and a MC122 for the rears. The pre-amp is a marantz AV8003. Here is where I have hit the wall. The 8003 has ONE RCA input for the L, R and C and whats coming out of the back of the McIntosh for the L, R and C is TWO RCA jacks. Can I use a Y connector or will I lose sound quality? Should I be using the XLR section and a Y connector instead of the RCA connector section? Is there another way I should be hooking this all up? HELP.

Thanks in advance.
I checked the back of your 8003,there is input for R+L(2inputs)
centre(1 input),R+L surrounds(2)+1 sub input.
Sometimes the back of any receiver the lettering is very small and rca inputs very close together.
Type in marantz 8003 on your computer and you will see them.
Or perhaps the manual has a picture or diagram of the back.
I have sometimes inputted into where I should have outputted.

I'm not very familiar with the components you mention, but I'll take a stab at it. If my comments are obviously incorrect based on the actual inputs/outputs of your components, please disregard......

OK, I think the Startlets require bi-amping which means you will need two channels of amplification for each of the Starlets. So, since you are using Starlets for L,R and C, you will need 6 channels of amplification for the front 3 speakers. Looks like the Mac 7106 should do the trick.

Since you say the Marantz only has one L, one C and one R OUTPUT, you will need to use a Y connector to connect the 3 outputs from the pre-amp to the 6 required channels of amplification.

I'm guessing the Dipole 5's do not require bi-amping, so the 2 channels of amplification from the MC122 should be all you need.

If the Marantz only has a single output for the L, R and C channels, you won't have any choice except to use a Y adapter or Y cable set to drive the inputs to the 6 channels of amplification required for the front 3 Startlet speakers.

I hope this helps and I didn't just waste your time (and mine!).