UPS COD, Prepare to WAIT

I sent equipment UPS COD and it was delivered on 7/21, driver collected a cashier's check for in execess of $4000 made out to me....called UPS today to see where it was and learned they have been "processing" it and mailed it to me today.....should have it in another 4 to 7 days....they couldn't explain what they had been doing with it for the last week....anyone else had this experience with UPS?...Fed Ex sends it back to you by Fed Ex and you have it in two days...guess I've learned which to use in the future.
It took 2.5 weeks to get a check from UPS and I've stayed away from UPS/COD ever since. Fed/Ex is the best if you can afford it. Another alternative I've used for COD less than $1k is USPS which it takes about one week to collect.
Yes, it can take up to 10 days, after delivery, to receive your check if you use UPS. With FED EX, you must first open an account with them to ship COD. It takes two days to establish an account with FED EX. If speed is your main concern, and your COD amount is less than $1,000, the USPS is the way to go.
Use FED EX. Less headaches.
UPS took two weeks to get me my COD check. They also accepted a personal check, when the package was clearly marked MO/Cashiers check only. On top of this UPS has beat packages of mine many more times than FED Ex. I know only use Fed Ex...
About two weeks from delivery is what I have seen. My question is : Why does it take 3-5 days for a large package to get there, and 14 days for an envelope ? I have also recently experienced UPS doing some minor damage to some equipment I shipped. Airborne is gentler with equipment, and surprisingly inexpensive. No more UPS for me.
Well, it takes time for UPS to handle the payment from the center, then takes time again for the regular mail to reach you. It will get to you finally. I recommend FedEx which costs more but you get the money quick(next business day) and LOT LESS damage report. UPS is ok but more risky.
Hey, You fellas are lucky. A while back I sent a package UPS COD and it took them a full 2 MONTHS to get the check to me. Even though my zip code was clearly indicated, they initially sent it to a different town (wrong zip), so naturally they had to wait to get it back before they could address it correctly and resend it. It's a good thing I didn't have to depend on that money to eat! Cheers, Frank
Yes,UPS is taking their time to return your money.I stick w/ them for while since they're closer and cheaper to ship big item plus they've been through for me.