How do you prepare for a record show?

I have one coming in my area within a week.

I gone through many shows. At first I just attended. Later, I had some sort of idea as to what I wanted. Later again, I had become more aware of what might be accomplished by having a strategy.

So, given my enlightened history, and taking into consideration your thoughts, how do you currently approach an upcoming show?

One thing I do is limit my spending by having a certain amount brought with me.

I do think that now, I need to narrow things down to original pressings from the UK and the like... mono vs stereo..?
I make a short list of interesting items and, "stick to it".

Any other thought?



where do you live and which show are you attending?

Do you seek Vinyl only?

N.C. Yes vinyl only.
Clemmons, NC show.. March 13th.
jafant: If you're close by, I'd like meet there if possible?
What I should do:
Post my entire collection on Discogs, so I can look it up on my phone and not buy stuff I already have

What I really do: 
Make a short list wish list of top 5 or 10 that I'm hunting for. If they are rare and expensive, look up price history on discogs & ebay so I know what do expect and what's a fair price.

What usually happens: I buy a bunch of random stuff, almost nothing on my list and at least one LP that I already own! Cheers,
sbank: I think we've all been there..done that. Thanks.
Slaw- it may be like asking a gambler how they 'win' but my experience is, if you go with a set list in mind, you will miss the jewels that are there. I collect certain UK pressings, and many of the shows in the States don't have the ones I'm after--but they have other things. One of the most successful collectors I know devotes the entire day of each show to culling through every bin- don't ask me how he has the patience for it. I get bored easily, and restless- I wanna go in, grab the goodies, and split. But, success, I think, involves patience, crate digging, and knowing that what you are finding in those bins that has value, musically, sonically, or commercially, whether or not it is on your shortlist. 
I'm in Winston Salem! So glad I saw this thread! 
I don't know if you have the nerve to take this on,but i always arrive an hour to an hour and a half early and just walk in as the dealers are bringing in their records.I just walk in quickly like i belong there,that way i can scope out who has what and where it is and which is the best booth to start with.Set up a game plan.This is when the dealers are trading records with each other and going through each others stuff.It's easy to start up a conversation and get some intell on who might have what you are looking for.Just don't start pawing through records without the sellers ok,this will get you on the wrong side of where you want to be,understandably,they are looking out for guys like me who come in early to get the best deals,so you got to be cool.Something might fall in your lap,you never know.
     Just keep moving and be pleasant and you will definitely be unnoticed,if someone asks if you are a dealer just say you were helping someone bring in their stock.You can always slip back out and get in line with the riff raff.  
   Oh yeah,bring money,lots of money,
I take $100 cash out of the bank. When that’s gone, I go home. Sadly, some vendors have started to take plastic using those little swipe adaptors for iPhones. D’OH!!! Also, I take a sturdy shoulder bag that can hold a lot of LPs, a bottle of iced tea, and bandaids for when my cuticles get destroyed by flipping through record bins. I also take a pre-emptive dose of Naproxen (Alieve), since I will be bending, kneeling to browse the bins, some of which will be on the floor, and lifting to cary LPs. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. I leave my coat in the car. For some reason, record show venues are always very warm. If rain or snow is expected, bring plactic bags to cover any exposed LP jackets as you return to your car.
I've got lots of preparations before the record show:
1st I make sure my records are all marketable and clean
2nd I make sure I meet crowd demands and on top bring something cool and different from other record dealers
3rd I sort my records by either genre or alphabetical order or both. I'd usually have separate box for popular artists
4th I take enough cash change of singles and fives, but mostly my records are priced by multiple of $5. If I plan not to bring budget "floor" boxes, than I will only have change with 5 and 10$ bills. Therefore the name is "Take 5"
6: I'm not going to be in Clemmons, but will hopefully see NC audiogoners at Carrboro NC on April 3rd. So come and visit me and other dealers joining the show.

Wish I could make it- slaw.

I enjoy hunting for CDs. Let me know how everything went for you!
Happy Listening!
Is there a strong Record Show circuit in N.C. ?
jafant, I haven't researched NC for all shows. I've been on the mailing list for this particular one for over twenty years and have missed maybe two times. With all of the new and on-line stuff I buy, I do relegate my spending here to around $100.00 for two reasons, one is the obvious and the second is it allows me to make more smart decisions on what is most important to me.
What I've noticed over the past twenty years is the increased attendance and a lot more female buyers. Last time, I was beside a lady who had brought her teenage daughter to buy lps! These are all positive trends I think.
Slaw, We need a list of what of you buy at the show! Cheers,
Most important to me:  cash, a good snack before, and comfy shoes.
How did you do- slaw?
March 13th.
scott_w: If you make it to the show, you should get on their mailing list. They come around twice a year. By the way, ever go to Earshot? Although kind of a small store, they have a lot of great items.

I'm kind of like Whart in that I don't like to just hang around all day. Get in and get out. I will say that on my short list are mid 60's through 70's rock. If they were originally released in the UK, that's what I want and preferably mono. I scored a UK Yes "Fragile" last time that sounds really good. That made the trip worthwhile. Also found a stereo Rolling Stones "Flowers" Decca/London, Bell Sound pressing that, while inconsistent sonically, I felt was a nice find. Passed on a live Jellyfish lp, that I now regret.....
Here is the contact address:
Richard & Evonne Hill
4940 H Hunt Club Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27104

Happy Listening
I'm getting excited.. just a new thought on strategy.. I'm going to take with me, my button flashlight that came with the Feickert protractor. Nice accessory for sure. I attended a record show a few years ago where the electricity went off. Luckily, all was not lost as I came away with a 1A copy of Rush "S/T".Yes, I did say luckily.
Here's what I came home with:
Byrds "Turn, Turn, Turn" 360 Sound Mono
Link Wray "Live at the Paradiso"
ELO "Out of the Blue"
Stone Poneys "S/T"
Big Brother and the Holding Co. "Cheap Thrills"
Rolling Stone "High Tides & Green Grass" London  BellSound
Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks
Springsteen "The River"

had $6.00 left over out of $100.

I don't really plan ahead. Mostly just smoke weed, put on patchouli, then head for the psychedelic section.

Your response reminds me of what I like the least about these forums.

I only hope your way, works best for you.
Slaw, could it be you're taking this a little too seriously?  A trip to a record show isn't comparable to climbing K2.
Good to read you had a fun trip- slaw!
I have a great record collection

Since boxer12 has limited posts here, I really did not know how to "take" that response.

Having said that, I do think that making a "somewhat" positive contribution to another's post is not too much to ask.

No, this isn't as serious as climbing K2, but this isn't a forum for climbers either, so that comparison isn't valid IMO.

We have expressed our opinions here in several ways that equal DEEP feelings and extensive money outlay. So, I do think that most who take music reproduced well in their homes with the above thoughts, do want to have their posts taken "somewhat" in the same vein as they tried to express.

I'm OK with boxer's post, I find it just a little concerning, (given my reasoning above), that others find some fault with me expressing my  feelings about it?


I, most times, try to inject humor into my posts. I seriously doubt it's been recognized though.

This remindeds me of Good Fellows. When Joe Peschie remarks to Ray Liotta.. "You think I'm funny? Do I amuse you? No, Tell me, you said I'm funny... tell me how I'm funny? You think, I'm a funny guy?

See! I can be funny as well!

Boxer12.. Welcome. I hope you have a great day. Peace!
..ok...I should at least get some points for being able to quote Good Fellows. from memory? Right?
How do you prepare when shopping at used record stores?

How do you prepare when grocery shopping in a supermarket?
Based on experience attending various shows over the years I would suggest the following preparation (clearly, other attendees that I've run into have undertaken this strategy):

1) No bathing for at least one week prior to the event. You want to be really ripe when you're there. 

2) Dirty clothes adds to the effect of above. 

3) Be sure to wear pants that are at least 1-2 sizes smaller than you would normally. This will ensure lots of exposure of bum cleavage when you're bending down and pawing through the dollar records on the floor, even on the stands. Lots of bum cleavage. 

Do the above and you'll be sure to have lots of room and free reign to corner the selections you really want. Nobody else will want to get too close, leaving you with prime selection. 
Thank you Slaw. 
Boxer12 made me laugh. Something in short supply these days---
hdm- true,  but it's actually scarier when the suits wearing french cuffs arrive after a day at the office. I'd rather deal w/ nerds and hipsters. Get up at noon, roll out of bed and you are already dressed and ready to go!  A former suit,
bill hart

Thank you for your insightful comment. This is really what is lacking these days.
Here are some of my reasons for posting here and my reasons for being a member:

(1) Anything vinyl related, (music related) I try to be involved in and the expansion of this medium.
(2) I want newcomers, whether they be old or new to feel they have a place in which they have passionate friend/s who understand the hobby and want to help.

While this thread may seem like it comes from lack of forethought, I feel that there are actually some things to learn here, in addition, it promotes the vinyl side of this hobby that I'm most passionate about.

Humor is always welcome. Comments that seem to make light of the ultimate goal of those of us who want to promote the above, seem to me, to be out of place.

I guess whart didn't (get) my intentional misspelling of Goodfellas?,  Nor the humor in the context of that thought?

In the end, I think boxer12 received the explanation of my comments well. That's all that matters to me.

(What I try NOT to do, is without justification, try to denigrate others for their passion in any form here.)

Slaw - My 2 cents.

IMO - buying used records at shows, stores, garages, sidewalks - is like buying tubes. You can never have enough copies of the good ones.

This means even if you go on a mission, with a list, a record in your head to get, and if you don't find it just come home.
What happens with me; If you find, come across another record you like in what appears to be good shape, you will buy it.

fwiw - 
I went to a private used record sale/show recently. They were in cardboard boxes, the records. I was looking for one, maybe two records.
I came home with a box full. When I got home and realized what had just happened, I called the guy back up and brought it all home.
So from my perspective you can not prepare.


How do you prepare when shopping at used record stores?
How do you prepare when grocery shopping in a supermarket?

You will find usually everything you need and want at a supermarket and at competitive pricing.
Bring your phone - show them a competitors coupon and they will price match.
Stock up on apples and oranges. It is apples and oranges. imo.

I don't really plan ahead. Mostly just smoke weed, put on patchouli, then head for the psychedelic section.

I know sarcazm and humor are two old buddies.

Some posts above seem to be ones that are more wanting/willing to make light of another without the thought behind the ultimate goal of the OP. Again, some seem to, every once in a while, post, only to make a snide remark for their own consumption. I guess this makes them feel important or relevant?

It's important to examine which one came first?

Although I understood your ultimate point, I did not understand your last comment about the private/show/sale you recently went to?

"I came home with a box full. When I got home and realized what had just happened, I called the guy back up and brought it all home".

Very confusing?

I guess humor is in the mind of the recipient... why do others appreciate humor, except when I provide it?

If everyone would receive my above message and understand those  motives, then I don't understand why there is any "push-back"?

If one were to take a survey of the major aspects of why people post here, and why they should be of relevance, I think the rising tides against my posts would change.

I think these posts have broken down this way....

(1) Posts that are I'm only concerned with for personal information.
(2) Posts that I've made in which others may be more informed.
(3) Posts made that can express my (personal) view of any item I've acknowledged in said post.... for others' info.

Here is my outcome:

(1) 5%
(2) 40%
(3) 55%

( If others would be of the mind to self-examine their reasons for being here and the posts they make, I'd say it's safe to say, there may be a turning of this tide?)

If, the fact that I've had the forethought initially, or the courage to express it here, removes me from being, in any way, humorous in any posts I make, well, I can't answer this.

I can only guess that the need for trying to explain why, is telling. Though, I don't know why?


With all due respect...

I am always amazed at your ability to respond in an instant to anyone that has your interests with (thoughtful), forethought and the "on-the-fly" ability to make your point know with the facts to back it up!  Absolutely amazing!!!!

What is missing is your lack of (the hours + hours of varying musical interests), and listening to various musical genres, that go a long way to validate anyone's posts. I believe that even on your own "system's page" you once asked the question, Should I invest more in music or hardware? I'm paraphrasing.

All I'm saying is, without hours upon hours of listening to varying musical genres and supporting issues/re-issues, there is a lack of inherent understanding within any one post made here.

I say this with the utmost respect!
...even with my 16 hour days through the work week, I manage to spend over 20 hours of listening to all kinds of music.
frankly, ct0517, you've never been (into it) like some of us (I say this after reading your response/s), and following your history and your obvious personal goals of (equipment over music).

Peace + love.
any relationship is (built) upon the basics. In the case of our hobby, the (basics) is music, and tons of it!

If you want to continue with your posts that highlight your need to denigrate others... try...the following........These happen to be from czarivey whose recent posts started are. ( and I'm paraphrasing)..

"Artists who died in a plane crash"

"Artists who have less than acceptable voices" ( I'm being very generous here)

Why, (if you're objectively monitoring these forums for your (injection) for a post to make you seem relevant), aren't you posting to these, obviously, mindless, postings???
slaw OP1,096 posts04-17-2016 9:31amczarivey:,

It's important to examine which one came first?

Same importance as chicken vs. egg.
could it be that, for whatever reason, I'm the "flavor of the week/year" for making you confront the issues that have plagued this site for years?

If not, the why???

I'm listening?

The importance, in this context is (important). Otherwise, why did you feel the need to respond the same way (TWICE)?

Otherwise, I would not have felt the need to respond in the first place. Duh!

If this is the sort of response I will incure after a responsible definition of my thoughts...
I think you are MISSING THE POINT! Not just missing, but by a LONG SHOT!!

As a final try... (and thank you czarivey, for your last response).....this just reaffirms your stance...

czarivey posted his/her most intellectual way, the following posts:

(Again, I'm paraphrasing..)

(1) Artists who died in a plane crash?

(2) Artists who have (less than acceptable vocals) ..(I'm really being nice here)

But, I'm, here having to defend my post of "How does one prepare for a record show?)   Wow! 

So, In response to my defined answer, he/she says, "chicken vs. the egg." Nice reasoning?? I' will act like a ROBOT and take your infantile answer as gospel.

And WE are suppose to take this "crap" as a reasonable response?

I'm unfollowing now.