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Your best ''outstanding'' products in last 5 yrs?
Speakers: Magnepan 3.6rDigital: M2Tech EVO Amps: DIY B&O Ice Amp 1000asp solid silver internal wiring 
J River and choosing encoder.
My personal pref is loss-less flac encoding using Exact Audio Copy. EAC does verification on your rips to make sure your getting the best possible from your CD's. Flac is supported via many players (mediamonkey, winamp, J Rivers, Foobar2000, and s... 
best $200 blu-ray for streaming Netflix
IMO All wifi streaming is spotty at best. I went with the Sony S470 and put a gig switch in my audio rack. Feeds my bluray, media center pc and TV. I have tried many bluray players so far and for streaming ability the Sony has been the best so far. 
Is Krell onto something?
FWIW my personal preference is having dual center channels. I had a spare set of speakers and put 1 on either side of the TV. It gives a more theater like experience I think. 
Looking for those running modded MG3.6's
I must admit that my setup is not passive but, here are my thoughts...I am running the MG3.6R's with a DEQX. After much research on the DEQX forum I settled on a linear phase 48db crossover at 300hz. The result over the stock crossovers is fantast... 
Does anyone know the future of EAD.
Alpha Digital Tech... I had them upgrade my EAD unit a while back. They did a good job. 
Digital voltage?
AES/EBU is currently called AES3.There are a number of differences between the formats AES3 and S/SPDIF. Voltage, impedance, max length of cable run, etc.There is also a slight difference in the data stream.The voltage in the AES3 case helps with ... 
The end of Focal based speakers like Wilson Audio?
Uh oh!I have 28 Focal drivers in my house. I sure hope I never blow any of them. Sounds like it will be very tough to replace soon. I have truely enjoyed the Focal line. The only two drivers in my house that are not Focal are Raven R2's. Now also ... 
Brown out problem
I had and EAD Encore that would loose digital lock on occassion. Especially when other items in the house drew power. It progressed until the unit would just click and not turn on. I sent it to EAD for repair and they replaced something in the pow... 
ESS and Heil air-motion tranformer - any thoughts?
Many years ago I worked for an ESS dealer. I was impressed with the the ESS speakers at that time. Amazingly clear highs, really good bass for their size. The Heil air-motion transformer reminds me very much of a good ribbon tweeter. It would be f... 
I get a "clicking" on some of my burnt CD's, why?
I use exact audio copy. I have found though that if you burn you audio cd's back out to the cdr too fast you can run into problems. All audio cd's I burn at at 4x max. 
Current Trends in multi thousand dollar speakers
All I can say is 
So what sub are you using for your Home theater?
I use an ACI Titan II for my home theater. 
Will hybrid SACDs play in a DVD-A player??
FYIMy Pioneer Elite DV38A will play the redbook part of a SACD hybrid just fine. 
Biggest Live Miss 23 years ago today............
When Pink Floyd played in the Bay area... Late 80's early 90's??? My brother offered me tickets to go, I turned him down. I still regret not going.