Uploading photos

I was hoping one of the more experienced denizens of Audiogon might be able to assist me. I am having problems uploading pictures for placing a sale add. The pictures are PC size, so should not be too large. It has been a while since I have sold anything, but I am doing what I can recall always doing in the past. Anyways, I get a screen that says the files are uploading, but the photos never show for captioning, even an hour later. I am using a HS hookup, so it should not take long. Puzzled. It is so frustrating, that I placed my last add on E-Bay after two days of farting around attempting to place an Audiogon advertisement. I'm sure it's me, but I don’t know what I am doing wrong.
If you have Norton Antivirus turn off your ad blocking
It's possible that the resolution of your picture is too high. That's not necessarily dependent on the size of the photo itself. You might be able to change that on your camera, or there might be a way to do it on the computer.
Turn OFF Adware, if you have it. BUT turn it on again,
BEFORE you summit the ad. I had to do this a couple of
times BEFORE I got it right.
If its not a matrix size problem as your not trying to load hi rez pics..the problem is most likely your anti virus/ad blocker software. Try turning off your blocked if you can.
Thanks for the help. It was as some of you thought, the ad blocking feature or Norton.